Ksenia Borodina went to the USA with her children 05/01/2024, 17:20

Ksenia Borodina went to the USA with her children 05/01/2024, 17:20

Blogger and TV presenter Ksenia Borodina reported on Instagram (the owner of the Meta company is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia) that she went to the USA with her daughters.

From Canada, Borodina flew to New York to see her relatives. The blogger noted that her youngest daughter Teona saw her cousins ​​and aunt for the first time and was able to hug them. The TV presenter had been planning the trip for six months.

“We talked a lot on the phone and promised many times that the cousins ​​would definitely hug each other. And we did it. The girls live in Canada and we all flew to New York to see each other. It is very difficult to get a visa to Canada; It was easier here. Hooray,” the TV presenter shared.

Borodina noted that he met with Kurban Omarov’s family members.

“Cousins. These are Lisa and Teona. “Their father is brother, they are sister,” said Borodina, signing the publication with her youngest daughter Teona and her relative.

Borodina raises two daughters: Marusya and Teona. The star’s first child, Marusya, was born in 2009. Her father is entrepreneur Yuri Budagov, with whom the TV presenter broke up in 2012. Theon’s second daughter was born in 2015 from businessman Kurban Omarov. In 2021, the entrepreneur and the presenter divorced.

Borodina has repeatedly said that ex-husbands practically do not help their daughters financially, so she herself provides for the children.

Previously Ksenia Borodina called Veronica Stepanova a clown.

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Source: Gazeta


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