The former soloist of “Na-Na” told how Alibasov “tricked” him for money 08:16

Valery Yurin, the former soloist of the Na-Na band, admitted that musicians, despite their high earnings, did not receive much money even from concerts in their best years. His words are quoted

“Therefore, special people came to every city to collect our money, took out the safe and took the money to Moscow Alibasova. The musician said he was “singing” to me the entire time my share was kept in his safe.

According to Yurin, Bari lived on the daily allowance that Alibasov paid her and hoped that the remaining amount would be kept safe by the producer. The singer explained that the producer’s “conveyor of tricks” was clearly debugged.

“Then I come to his house and say: “Where is my money?” And he points to his huge apartment and his new renovation: “There they are!” – Yurin remembered.

The musician summarized that, according to his calculations, Alibasov owes him about 5 million rubles. Yurin calculated this amount for six years of concert activity in the Na-Na group.

Former member of “Na-Ny” Sokolov statedAlibasov is strict with the team. The musician said that the lessons given by Alibasov were useful to him more than once in his life. The singer explained that the producer knows how to take away the artists’ sense of stardom and always reminds them of the importance of the audience.

Previously in Tyumen dead There was a stampede at the concert of the “Zveri” group.

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Source: Gazeta


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