The best make-up artist of the dead in Russia spoke about the founder of the Novosibirsk crematorium, who died after being arrested

In 2021, Russia’s best thenatopractor Margarita Antonova, in a conversation with, spoke about the contribution of Sergei Yakushin, the founder of the Museum of Death, to the country’s funeral industry. She also expressed the opinion that the health of the businessman, who died at the age of 69, overturned the criminal case against him.

“Sergey Borisovich, I am not afraid of this word, he was the greatest person – smart, sensitive. This is truly a myth in the ritual industry. Thanks to him, burial culture began to develop in the country. Thanks to him, they began to learn about my profession – and we ceased to be people in the shadows. Thanks to Sergey Borisovich, we learned that funerals can be arranged differently and beautifully. You can talk about him for a long time – just as you listen to him, – said Antonova. “The case he was charged with, of course, knocked him down.”

Sergei Yakushin was born on June 9, 1953. He was the founder of the first World Museum of Funeral Culture in Russia and the owner of a private crematorium. In 2021 St. Petersburg and placed under house arrest in a bribery case, escorted to Novosibirsk. Hearings in the criminal case began in March 2022.

Read an interview with the late Antonova’s makeup artist about the intricacies and complexity of her profession. here.

Source: Gazeta


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