Basque on dating: “I’m an experienced wolf” 10:48

Singer Nikolai Baskov admitted that he had to talk to the girl before considering an intimate relationship with his alleged chosen one. His words are quoted HABER.RU.

“Well, not on the first date [раздевать]. “I am more inspired by the brain, I have already said this,” said the artist.

He also said that the girls are completely normal about candid photo shoots. Initially, the artist joked that it was from such paintings that he chose his future lovers, but later he was asked to “answer seriously.”

“Do you know how interesting this is? First you see that person, then you have to go somewhere together and chat. “I am an experienced wolf,” Baskov said.

previously artist boastHe said he had no problems with women’s indifference. He stated that he saw himself as young, handsome and rich, and summarized this with the following words: “What else do you need?”

Baskov added that every person needs attention, that it is important for people to evoke emotions in others, and these can be both negative and positive emotions. For example, he finds things that evoke emotions in people beautiful.

to a girl before Completed Proposal at Basta’s concert.

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Source: Gazeta


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