“I know how scary this is.” Actress Ekaterina Molokhovskaya – about career, panic attacks and gossip Actress Ekaterina Molokhovskaya said that she is not interested in gossip about colleagues 04/20/2024, 08:11

— The third season of “Comfort Zone” recently aired. Do you think the characters have changed compared to the first season?

— My hero cut his hair short and, as we know, girls never cut their hair like that. Her situation is of course not easy, and I’m glad she took action and didn’t get stuck in the victim position. I hope the writers prepare something enjoyable for him in the new season, he deserves it!

— Why does your hero, Kostrov’s wife, played by Garik Kharlamov, put up with all his lies?

– As they say, “love is bad.” As an actor, I always need to justify my hero’s behavior, for this I need to understand the logic of his thinking. I think Marina still loves him and sincerely and naively believes that Kostrov will change. All that remains is to believe in it along with it.

— Would you tolerate a husband like Kostrov?

– I definitely don’t. If I were him I would send him in all four directions. There’s no point in wasting your precious time on a person who doesn’t value you. I would set personal boundaries, go the distance, look at actions and actions. Then he either accepts all his mistakes and fixes them, or he goes to the “garden” and I go to a better life.

— Do you think Garik Kharlamov is similar to the character Kostrov?

– Of course they have the same face. To be honest, I have no interest in gossiping about the personal lives of my colleagues on the set, it’s their own business and it’s none of my business. The less you know, the better you sleep.

— How was the shooting of the series during the pandemic period in 2020? Was the third season shot differently?

– No, shooting the seasons was no different. We are also shooting “Comfort Zone” on iPhone and in small shifts. However, we donated liters of our blood for COVID tests so that we would be allowed to be on the field in 2020.

— You have a very extensive filmography. Can you tell me which is your favorite project?

– I find it difficult to answer this question unequivocally. Every project has something good to bring to life. Of course, the group is very important; the people you work with for a long time and the atmosphere on the site.

— You acted in theater for a long time. Have you left the stage now? Why did this happen?

– “Left” is a very strong word. At one point I had a busy shooting schedule and couldn’t combine it with theatre. Theater is my love and I really hope that I will be able to take on a new theater project in the near future.

— Is it true that you entered the acting department of the Minsk Academy of Arts, accompanied by an online acquaintance of yours – and why did you pass, but he did not?

– Yes, the absolute truth. I met an acquaintance on the street who asked me to accompany him to the preliminary auditions. I came absolutely irresponsibly, relaxed very much, read poetry, sang, played the piano, danced – I did everything that was asked of me with pleasure and interest. I was then strongly advised to submit the documents and so I did.

—Have you ever considered an acting career?

– Never. I wanted to enter the Faculty of Journalism, and then I came to Minsk for preparatory consultations at the Faculty of Journalism of BSU.

— You also recently received a diploma in psychology. Will you open your own practice or use the knowledge you have gained in your acting career?

— I already counsel people with anxiety disorders and successfully combine this with my main profession.

— You were born and raised in Polotsk, Belarus. What is it like to live in a city that was first mentioned in history in 862?

— Polotsk is my love. My place of power. I love going there in the summer. Walk through your favorite pine forest and watch the sunset over St. Sophia Cathedral. This is very nice!

— You moved from Minsk to Moscow and entered the Shchepkinsky School. How old were you when you went to Moscow? Was it scary to move?

– No way. I was 19 years old. “I see the goal – I see no obstacles” – this was definitely my story. I left the Academy of Arts because my boyfriend at the time was getting into Sliver and I wanted to be really close to him. And so we did. For a course, for free places. That’s what love does. And they gave us a hostel, by the way it is on the 3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya! That’s why I moved with great pleasure.

— Last year, in one of your YouTube shows, you admitted that you had panic attacks after COVID. How did you deal with these and what advice would you give to people facing the same problem?

“After that, I decided to understand the reason why these occur and I received training as a psychologist-counsellor on anxiety-phobic disorders. I offer advice on this topic – I know how scary it is to be in this situation and I know the way out of it. Come for a consultation, I will help you.

— Your most high-profile project so far is “Univer”, at least in the media you are often called the star of “Univer”. Can you say that fame came to you after this series?

— After university, people started to recognize people on the street, yes. But now the “Comfort Zone” is laid at their feet. I even conducted a survey among subscribers; The votes for my favorite project were almost evenly split.

— Is it important for an actor to be famous?

— We are all individuals, I can only speak for myself. That’s how I got into this profession by chance, so so far I haven’t noticed any big ambitions in myself – I just do what I love, I get great pleasure from the process and, of course, I’m happy when something happens. Positive reaction from the audience.

— You can also find information about your love of traveling to exotic countries. This is true? Where have you visited before, what was your most memorable travel experience?

— Nepal, Bhutan, Kenya, Tanzania, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Taiwan, Mauritius… And not all of them are countries. I love to create routes myself, so each of my journeys is special and bright. Traveling is great! I hope you.

What are you thinking?

For a long time Ekaterina Molokhovskaya was known mainly as the star of Univer. But 2020 came and he took part in the TV series “Comfort Zone”, which was the second project that truly broke new ground in his career for the actor. In an interview with socialbites.ca, she talked about how she filmed “Comfort Zone”, why she became a psychologist and who she advises now. However, she refused to gossip about her colleagues.

Source: Gazeta


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