Kormukhina explained why she does not see Shnurov as a musician 22.04.2024, 19:39

Honored Artist of Russia, rock singer Olga Kormukhina, explained why she does not consider the leader of the Leningrad band Sergei Shnurov as a musician. HE nail aif.ru.

According to Kormukhina, she cannot imagine an educated and intelligent person at Shnurov’s concert.

“For example, for me, an intellectual is a person who understands that Boris Akunin (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation and included in the list of terrorists and extremists) is not an outstanding writer, Nikas Safronov, no matter how much I think about it. I feel about him, he is not an outstanding artist. “And Shnurov is not an outstanding musician,” he said, claiming that Shnurov had no respect for his profession.

The singer also drew attention to the obscene poems of Alexander Pushkin, whom he was sure was in no hurry to publish such works.

“Yes, you can be a hooligan, sometimes fall down, curse your heart out when they don’t understand otherwise, make a joke out of hooliganism (although I think this should not be allowed) and add swearing. . “But when you publish such things, it already shows the degree of your skepticism – and sarcasm and intelligence, I mean intelligence, are incompatible things,” he concluded.

On the eve of Kormukhin I signed up The Russian Paratroopers Corps and the artist were awarded the medal “For participation in a special military operation”.

Previously Sergei Bezrukov accepted Order of Merit in Culture and Art.

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Source: Gazeta


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