Farewell to Carlos Sierra, the bohemian giant of the last Asturian realism

Grieve in the world of Asturian art. this artist Carlos Sierra Cuetoa giant for his existence, trajectory and creative spirit, passed away this morning. He was 79 years old and leaves behind a work devoted to a transcendent realism, pierced by magic and nature, and very attached to drawing, which he felt from childhood as an urgent need in his native Lieres (Siero).

carlos sierra He had a stroke four years ago. He slowly recovered, returned to the workshop, and recently nature dominated his paintings. But his health has deteriorated in recent months, and his family announced his death in Oviedo this Sunday morning.

His career has been succinct and escapes the conventions of the market. Art, It reflected the bohemian and rebellious atmosphere in which he lived, carried and nurtured in Paris and Ibiza. In any case, the tribute paid to him by the Luarca National Painting Competition in 1987 and the “Lighted Reality” exhibition at the City of Oviedo Center for Modern Art in 1997 stands out.

One of his last paintings is a large canvas of Monsacro, who returned to work after suffering a stroke in 2018. Caroline Diaz

With his grandfather’s origins in the Langrean family, from whom he envisioned a legendary epic, as a child and in his early youth in Siero he used butcher’s paper to draw, as he would later do when he came to Oviedo. burlap was turned into canvas. He found a house in the Asturian capital that he never left, loved, or painted, despite all that came and went.. In Oviedo, he established his first professional relationship with drawing as an advertising graphic artist and first connected with LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, a media outlet of the Prensa Ibérica group to which this newspaper also belongs, through Gisbert and Manolo Brun and later with others. agencies they sent to Madrid to perfect their techniques. IV in 1964. The gold medal at the National Youth Art Competition was one of his first awards and allowed him to travel to Barcelona and embrace other weather and other artists. During that decade, he lived in Paris for five years, made a living as a portrait painter in Montmartre, and was steeped in existentialism and post-impressionism. Also, his first two exhibitions from those years (1966) at the Oviedo and Gijón Athenaeums.

A painting by Carlos Sierra at an exhibition in Pola de Siero. LNE

They another great life experience In the seventies he already had a partner and children in Ibiza. He came into contact with orientalist movements and Taoism on the island and met Eduardo Úrculo, who settled there again.

“Building under construction” and “Broken house”. Diego Crespo

When he returned to Oviedo, where he established his residence, continued to develop his work in far-realistic coordinates, however, from the Spanish school of hyperrealism. His painting has some very distinctive personal characteristics, such as the presence of a certain drama and a poetic veil, the reduction of the color palette, his interest in nature in a form of interrogation, and the reduction of the elements to reduce the figuration to the elements. necessary.

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