Garik Kharlamov laughed at Nikita Kologriv on air 19.04.2024, 18:58

Comedian Garik Kharlamov joked on the Comedy Club program about the recent antics of actor Nikita Kologrivy. Telegram channel writes about this “StarHit”.

One of the studio’s guests during the show was actor Slava Kopeikin, who played the character Turbo in the TV series “The Boy’s Word”, which also featured Ivan Yankovsky, Nikita Kologrivy, Anna Peresild and other artists. Kharlamov asked Kopeikin how his life changed after the success of the series and why “only one of the team members went crazy.” In response, the actor laughed and assured that everything was just beginning.

21 March Kologrivy hit After a drunken fight in a restaurant in Novosibirsk, he was taken to a special detention center. It was stated that he attacked the restaurant employees, harassed the waiters and bit one of them because he refused to have sex. The court sentenced the player to seven days in prison under the petty hooliganism clause.

On March 25, it became known that the producers of the movie “Zhirinovsky”. Take Off” announced that the actor will be recast after filming was postponed due to his arrest. At the same time, director Alexander Baranov stated that Kologrivy remained a contender for the main role.

Guf before he apologized in front of the traumatized girl and called the bully a “stupid”.

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Source: Gazeta


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