Horror created with the help of Balabanov, the Lumiere brothers and artificial intelligence: What will be shown at the Moscow Film Festival What to watch at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2024: 10 movies and TV series 17.04.2024, 15:50

“Mars Express” direction. Jeremy Perin

Program: “Multiverse”

One of the most interesting representatives of the animation block is a French neo-noir fantasy of the near future, in which a private detective and his android partner are tasked with finding a student hacker. The investigation takes them to the underworld of the Martian capital, and the future of the Universe is at stake.

“We need to make films about love” direction. Roman Mikhailov

Program: “Russian premieres”

Festival favorite and former scientist Roman Mikhailov’s sixth film in less than three years of his directorial career (“Holiday in October”, “Let’s go to Macau with you”). In the story, Russian filmmakers come to Varanasi, India, to shoot an art film. At that moment, they dive into philosophical reflection and “the film begins to film itself.”

“Midnight with the Devil” direction. Colin and Cameron Kearns

Program: “Wild Nights”

An independent horror film that has been the subject of heated debate due to its use of neural network-generated imagery. The picture was made in “found footage” format. The plot focuses on the Halloween episode of the late-night show in 1977. Presenter to increase ratings (David Dastmalchian on Ant-Man and Oppenheimer)) invites an allegedly possessed girl to the studio.

“The arrival of the train at La Ciotat station” (“L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de la Ciotat”), direction. Louis and Auguste Lumières

Program: “Chapter One. Movement. New hope”

The most famous work of the Lumière brothers, which allegedly caused panic among visitors to the first exhibition. A rare chance to test its effect for yourself.

“Foreign” direction. Ivan Sosnin

Program: main competition

A film by Ivan Sosnin, director of “Ivanov’s Happiness” and “Distant Loved Ones”, and the upcoming series “Mammoths” with Yuri Stoyanov. In the center of the story is a young man Lesha (Maxim Stoyanov)A person whom the inhabitants of a small Ural village considered eccentric. When he’s not taking care of his grandmother, Lesha draws strange crop circles and intercepts radio waves, hoping to make contact with aliens. The life of the young man and his neighbors changes when the hero actually meets the girl Yana. (Alena Miroshnikova) from another planet.

“About Freaks and Men” direction. Alexey Balabanov

Program: “Chapter One. Movement. New hope”

Written by Alexei Balabanov (present in the program as a masterful stylization of silent cinema), St. Petersburg at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. A retrodrama about a pornographer who destroys seemingly prosperous families in St. Petersburg.

“Prometheus Project” (TV series) direction. Maxim Sveshnikov

Program: “First episode”

A detective thriller with elements of mysticism, directed by Maxim Sveshnikov, director of the “Container” and “Volunteers’ Playlist” series. Uncompromising journalist Anna (Lyubov Aksenova in a familiar role) After a meeting with an influential foreigner (Philip Yankovsky in a familiar role) In 1998, he participated in the investigation into the disappearance of a plane. This happens these days when one of the passengers suddenly calls his family. Physics teacher Vadim became Anna’s assistant (Dmitry Chebotarev) and cameraman Nikita (Iskander Alyabyev).

“Piece” (TV series), direction. Dushan Gligorov

Program: “First episode”

Psychological thriller about judge Svetlana Neznamova (Karina Razumovskaya)searching for missing adopted daughter Kira (Elizaveta Ishchenko) encounters a network of young dealers. At the same time, a tragedy occurs in a resort town in the Stavropol Territory, which is somehow connected with what happened: a 13-year-old girl shoots her sleeping parents and then tries to commit suicide. The case was assigned to investigator Elvira Barayeva (Anna Mikhalkova).

“Worst of all”, direction. Sasha Karmaeva

Program: “Russian premieres”

A comedy drama about schoolgirl Ksyusha, who, after being harshly shamed once again, decides to start a blog rebranded in the ironic name of Zhirukha. But as fame grows, it becomes less funny.

“I’m not a killer” (“Hit Man”) direction. Richard Linklater

Program: “Special Screenings”

Richard Linklater’s romantic action-comedy starring Glen Powell (“Top Gun: Maverick”, “Everybody But You”) plays an undercover cop who first poses as a hitman to arrest his clients, but then gets distracted by rescuing a woman in distress. The film is supposed to be released in Russian cinemas in mid-May (but, as they say, trust the Ministry of Culture, but do not make mistakes yourself).

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The week-long 46th Moscow International Film Festival starts on Friday, April 19. On the eve of the screening, socialbites.ca film critic Pavel Voronkov selected ten films and TV series from the program that should not be missed. These include Richard Linklater’s new movie, a sensational indie horror movie about a demonic talk show, a neo-noir cartoon about detectives on Mars, and many more.

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