Yuri Grymov talked about shooting a video that was too “tough” for Diana Arbenina 12:58

Director Yuri Grymov in an interview mk.ru told how he shot a very harsh video for singer Diana Arbenina.

“Alaverdi, I shot a free video for him, unfortunately no one saw it because it was difficult. It is difficult because I said: “We will shoot “as I see it”, as Stanislavsky said. Very good work, black and white clip. And Diana is beautiful there,” Grymov explained.

According to the artist, in her work, she wanted to show the feminine side of Arbenina, whom many people are used to perceiving as a woman with a strong character. Grymov described the singer as a tough but talented and bright artist. Later, the director explained to Arbenina that he wanted to shoot her in the image of a mature woman, a mother, and not a “chorus girl”.

“But this version is not available on the internet; There is already a lightweight version on the internet. Sometimes I show this clip at my creative meetings, because I am proud of it: he played perfectly and trusted me and the talented cameraman Seryozha Machilsky. So this is a good job,” the director concluded.

Previously Yuri Loza It has been recommended Serov needs to think about the quality of his music.

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Source: Gazeta


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