“God lets me live”: Yuri Kuklachev contacted from the hospital Coach Yuri Kuklachev was fitted with five stents after a massive heart attack 04/14/2024, 20:13

People’s Artist of the RSFSR Yuri Kuklachev had five stents inserted during heart surgery after a massive heart attack. The coach himself talks about this said TASS.

“Five stents [врач] to put. If they take root, you can be calm for five years. True, it was very difficult and painful. But the main thing is that Russia still needs me and God allows me to live,” Kuklachev told the agency.

He currently remains in intensive care.

“As long as the situation is stable and serious, oxygen support is provided.” reported Olga Kardokiene, TASS press secretary of Yuri Kuklachev’s Cat Theater. According to him, the decision to transfer the artist to the normal ward will be made on April 15.

Shot he is writingthat doctors forbade Kuklachev to communicate with his loved ones in order to protect the patient from stress.

“But the artist is trying to work even from intensive care,” says Shot.

“His heart was stopped and restarted.”

Son of the artist Dmitry said The operation on the “360” TV channel lasted 3.5 hours.

“His condition was serious, but he was conscious at all times. First they shut him down, stopped his heart, and then brought him back,” Dmitry Kuklachev said.

He noted that there were positive dynamics in his father’s recovery.

“So far doctors are not making any predictions; neither plus nor minus. They say: you just need to wait, hope that everything will be fine. The dynamic is that he called me in the morning and gave me valuable instructions regarding today’s program. He told me what needed to be done, which animals should be released. So there is a positive dynamic. “I pray for his recovery as soon as possible,” the coach’s son concluded.

As Kuklachev’s assistant told the publication mk.ru, the coach is on a special diet in the hospital, but relief is possible in the near future: “He wants to eat, they give him what he needs to eat. The indispensable products of his diet are kefir and prunes. He asked for them and they brought them to him.”

The show continues

On April 12, 75-year-old Yuri Kuklachev suffered a massive heart attack during his performance at the anniversary concert “The Kindest Clown”, held in the capital’s Vegas City Hall.

By Telegram channel plinthThe artist felt bad immediately after going on stage.

as said Shot The artist’s son, Dmitry, his father, was saved thanks to the competent actions of the doctors. The ambulance arrived on time and Kuklachev was quickly taken to Krasnogorsk, where he underwent emergency surgery.

Although the show was planned to take place without Kuklachev’s participation, the shows scheduled for April 12 to 14 were not canceled.

“We are now adapting it without Yuri Dmitrievich, but there will be no decrease in the quality of the performance. Therefore, everyone who wants to support us, Yuri Dmitrievich, this wonderful hall is waiting for you in our events, in our unique anniversary show, because today there are circus performances, there are performances with animals, there are performances with artists and the whole family gathered” – explained In a conversation with TASS Dmitry Kuklachev.

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People’s Artist of the RSFSR Yuri Kuklachev contacted after emergency heart surgery. According to the artist, he had five stents inserted, and if they take root, “you can have peace of mind for five years.” The instructor remains in intensive care in a stable and serious condition; Doctors forbid him from communicating with loved ones, but he is already “trying to work.” Kuklachev was hospitalized with a massive heart attack on April 12; He fell ill during his performance.

Source: Gazeta


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