Olga Orlova explained what she would do if her husband went bankrupt 04/02/2024, 18:47

Singer and TV presenter Olga Orlova admitted on Instagram (the owner of the Meta company is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia) that she would support her husband Valery in case of bankruptcy.

Orlova said that her husband is part of the family and will support her in case of failure and financial loss. She explained that her husband now provides for the entire family. According to the artist, Valery never lived at his expense.

“If he experiences difficulties, I will always support our family and do everything for them,” the TV presenter said.

Orlova is married to a businessman named Valery. The couple got married in December 2021. In February 2023, the artist gave birth to a daughter. On May 13, the singer christened the baby. The presenter’s close friend and colleague on Dom-2, Ksenia Borodina, became the godmother. Orlova also has a 22-year-old son, Artem, with businessman Alexander Karmanov.

In October 2023, Orlova admitted that she wants ten more children from her husband. However, the artist doubts that this will happen. The 46-year-old singer hinted that her age would not allow her to give birth to so many babies.

Previously Olga Orlova told about her guilt due to criticism of her upbringing.

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Source: Gazeta


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