Leva B-2 complained about the group’s financial difficulties: “We are basically bankrupt” 11:32

The lead singer of the Bi-2 group, Egor Bortnik (known as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), admitted that the group will now experience financial difficulties due to emigration from Russia. The artist talked about this in a YouTube interview with DW in Russian (he is recognized as a foreign media agent in the Russian Federation).

“I can say this: We are basically bankrupt right now. But I believe that this will not last long, because now we are building our own special world,” the musician admitted.

Bortnik said Bi-2 went on a test tour in the United States and Europe to understand how the music industry works abroad. Prior to this, Bi-2 performed mainly in Russia. The singer admitted that the band’s map now includes red, neutral and green zones; these are based on observations in places where the group was allowed to perform quietly.

January 25 in Thailand detained Members of the group “Bi-2”. The authorities made a relevant decision regarding the music group’s concerts in Pattaya and Phuket province. It turned out that the artists did not have work permits.

February 1 group “Bi-2” has reached After being detained, he was sent to Israel and then deported from Thailand. Head of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel Katz, met with the artists personally.

Previously activist Borodin reportedHe said that the procedure for recognizing Pugacheva as a foreign agent has begun.

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Source: Gazeta


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