Drew Barrymore’s daughter condemns the actress for shooting for Playboy 21:09

Actress Drew Barrymore said her daughter scolded her for posing for Playboy magazine in 1995. talking about this said In the new episode of her personal show with singer Christina Aguilera as her guest.

According to Barrymore, her daughter remembers her mother asking her to dress more modestly during filming.

“My daughter wants to wear a crop top, I say no, and she says, ‘You were on the cover of Playboy,'” Barrymore laughs.

The 49-year-old actress didn’t specify which daughter we’re talking about: 11-year-old Olive or 9-year-old Frankie.

Aguilera stated that the same thing could happen to her; She is raising a 9-year-old daughter, Summer, and a 16-year-old son, Max.

“I think we were expressing ourselves at the time and feeling great,” Aguilera said, and Barrymore agreed.

The day before Barrymore in the name An unusual reason to refuse plastic surgery. According to 48-year-old Barrymore, she is afraid of getting carried away with plastic surgery.

Formerly the aunt of showman Gauguin Solntseva answered to rumors about his paternity.

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Source: Gazeta


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