Yulia Rutberg complains about ignorance and despair in the Russian provinces 10:27

Actress Yulia Rutberg said in a speech: moskvichmag.ruthere is more “ignorance and despair” in the provinces than in the large cities of Russia.

Rutberg noted that native Muscovites have “more comfortable” conditions and more cultural opportunities than in other cities. He thinks the capital is “blooming”.

The artist shared, “We have a more colorful picture of life here, while people in other cities have a more gray and gloomy picture.”

Rutberg added that Moscow has a very fast pace of life. According to him, this pace can only be compared to life in New York. However, he was only able to live in a US city for six months. The artist believes that there is nothing to do in New York without work.

Rutberg sees Moscow as “the navel of the Earth and the meaning of life.” He admitted that he was born in this city. As a child, he lived in a communal apartment on Bolshaya Dmitrovka. Later, his family moved to Leningradsky Prospekt.

“Here I am not only tied by strings – strings – to family, work, friends, the life I live, the opportunity to realize myself, the accumulated human relationships, the new contacts that have arisen,” the actress said.

Previously Pugacheva’s songwriter told how impressed she was by the singer.

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Source: Gazeta


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