Borodin said that SVO participants rejected gifts from Kirkorov 09:45

Vitaly Borodin, head of the Federal Security and Anti-Corruption Project, is confident that singer Philip Kirkorov will not be able to clear his reputation with trips to the DPR and LPR. According to him, the artist was persuaded to participate in these trips by interested people. in conversation with He stated that the Russian army would not accept gifts from the artist.

The activist appealed not to equate people’s republics with “washing and washing”, arguing that Kirkorov would not be able to regain the attention of audiences and concertgoers by traveling there.

“No, I think the people in the Northern Military District are the guys at the front positions, these are the security forces, the volunteer detachments, as if they all understand very well that no one will get anything from this. person, not even a statement. Because all these aid, gifts are dirty, and in general, Kirkorov himself is a dirty person,” said Borodin.

Tsargrad columnist Yegor Kholmogorov says that many artists go to Donbass not in search of public relations, but at the call of their hearts. As examples, he gave the names of artists such as Yulia Chicherina, Vadim Samoilov, Yaroslav Dronov (Shaman), Roman Bilyk (Monsters).

Let us remind you that after Kirkorov’s trip to the DPR: spoke St. As an entertainer at the Golden Gramophone music award in St. Petersburg. After the “naked party” scandal of blogger Anastasia Ivleeva, her name was removed from the posters of this musical ceremony.

Previously Kirkorov commented It was included in Australia’s sanctions list.

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Source: Gazeta


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