Nikas Safronov talked about a unique gift from Willy Tokarev “made by prisoners” 19:09

In conversation with artist Nikas Safronov He told how Chansonnier Willy Tokarev gave him a unique chess set made by prisoners.

“As a sign of gratitude, he gave me a unique chess set, made in a single copy, made for him by prisoners in the colony where he once played. These chess pieces are made in the Gothic style, I aged them and they started to look like they were made in the 15th century. I still have them,” Safronov said.

He also recalled how at one point he loaned money to the singer for his heart surgery. According to Safronov, many people were afraid to borrow money because they were afraid that Tokarev would not be able to return the money. But Safronov made up his mind, and the singer honestly returned all the money to him. The painter believes that Tokarev is an honest and helpful person. Safronov also expressed his regret that a monument has not yet been erected in memory of the artist.

“You can limit yourself to a modest monument. In addition, Willie did not like everything pretentious: he lived modestly and adhered to true human values. “He was definitely a non-earner,” the artist assured.

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Source: Gazeta


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