“We are going through a difficult period”: Lerchek talks about the problems he has with his wife 18:00

Blogger Valeria Chekalina (Lerchek) hinted that she was going through a difficult period in her marriage with her husband Artem because of the courts. She described this on her Instagram page (its owner, Meta, is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia).

“My dears, we are going through a difficult time, but we are trying. “I will only ask you to support me, but do not say anything,” he wrote.

Chekalina said that she and her husband have been through a lot and now they have lost what united them.

“When you’re threatened with prison, criminal cases, debts, unemployment, it’s something that always unites you,” he added.

Lerchek in March 2023 happened Defendant in a criminal case regarding tax evasion in the amount of 311 million rubles. Her husband was charged with aiding and abetting tax evasion. According to the Investigative Committee, the Chekalins legalized more than 130 million rubles in April 2021, buying dollars with them and “thus masking the connection of the legalized funds with the criminal source of origin.”

Previously recognizedLerchek and her husband paid off the debt of 504 million rubles.

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Source: Gazeta


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