“Koalas, giraffes”: Kirkorov on Australian sanctions 17:57

Singer Philip Kirkorov spoke about his inclusion on the Australian sanctions list. In a conversation with Hayat, I made it clearIt did not surprise him that he was subject to new sanctions.

“Since the very beginning, some sanctions have been constantly imposed against me. If this makes it easier for someone to impose sanctions and put Philip Kirkorov in charge of all the problems of koalas, giraffes, bears or anyone else, then for God’s sake, go ahead! – said the People’s Artist of Russia, adding that he was not used to this.

24 February Australia introduced New sanctions against 55 individuals and 37 legal entities in Russia. Among the artists, the restrictions included the soloist of the Lyube group Nikolai Rastorguev, as well as singers Nikolai Baskov and Oleg Gazmanov.

In addition, Australia imposed restrictions on the heads of Russian media companies, including VGTRK general director Oleg Dobrodeev, head of the Krasnaya Zvezda media holding Alexey Pimanov, and Gazprom Media deputy general director Tina Kandelaki.

Previously lawyer Sergei Zhorin statedHe said that if Kirkorov falls under US and EU sanctions, he will be banned from entering the US and Europe.

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Source: Gazeta


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