MACA and Elche municipal museums sent materials to preserve Ukraine’s heritage

on February 24, International Council of Museums (ICOM) prisoner russian invasion of ukraine emphasizing the fundamental role of culture and museums in the construction of a lasting peace between nations. This organization issued a second official statement rejecting this conflict in March and in May an international appeal to museums and cultural centers support with donations and different actions Preservation of Ukrainian heritage and professionals.

The reaction of the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art (MACA) and Elche municipal museums It did not take long to arrive, and they responded to this campaign by donating different materials to contribute to the preservation of that country’s museum collections.

After discussions with members ICOM Ukrainian National CommitteeBefore the bombings, the current needs are large wooden boxes for transporting and packaging objects, fire extinguishers and fire blankets, moisture meters, electrical generators, and packaging and protection materials.

MACA posted seven large wooden boxes for the preservation, preservation and preservation of artifacts. These containers are specially made for the transport of works donated and transferred to the museum from the Jenkins-Romero Collection. New York to Alicante.

“First the lives lost, then the heritage that needs to be preserved because it is so important and they were seen there without the material or means to obtain it,” he says. Rosa Maria CastellsCurator of the Alicante centre.

In that sense, “There’s nothing better than sending in used boxes for the Jenkins-Romero Collection, they’re so good and we thought we wouldn’t throw them away to give them a new use, and now this opportunity has arisen and what could be better than that?” This”.

To transport them to the material collection point in Madrid, MACA used the transport truck that brought artifacts from the newly opened Bruno Munari exhibition to Alicante. “We took the opportunity to pick up boxes instead of empty trucks returning to Madrid.”

this Elche Culture Departmentheaded by Margaret Anton, In collaboration with the staff of the treasury and municipal museums, he participated in this initiative with donations. materials for the protection and preservation of parts. Also materials that make up a whole “first aid” package for transport, evacuation and containment, e.g. cardboard boxes, tissue paper rolls, bur-plast and bur-kraft and adhesive gasket rolls. These materials have already been transferred to Granada and from there they will be transferred to Madrid.

Elche Cultural Council Member Marga Antón is in the truck with the donated materials. Cristina Martinez

Museums displaying solidarity with Ukraine include: Guggenheim Bilbao, Cultural Heritage of Spain, Cantabria Museum of Archeology and Prehistory or Foundation for the Center for Andalusian Studies.

Trucks with all collected material will leave Madrid and Barcelona next week to the Polish border.

ICOM’s mobilization Preservation of Ukrainian cultural heritage It is in line with the activities of the organization for decades in response to conflicts in different parts of the world.

In this sense, ICOM has developed tools such as: Red Lists of Endangered Cultural PropertyIt aims to combat the illegal trade of cultural assets in countries with conflicts such as Afghanistan (2006), Iraq (2003 and 2015), Mali (2016) or Yemen (2018). In addition, various capacity building projects are carried out. Sahel museums In coordination with ICOM Burkina Faso and ICOM Mali (2019 and 2022) within the framework of memorandum of understanding With the International Alliance for the Preservation of Heritage in Conflict Areas (ALIPH).

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