Director Korolev faces 9 years in prison for lying about the army 02/20/2024, 15:59

The St. Petersburg prosecutor’s office demanded that director Vsevolod Korolev be sentenced to nine years in a general regime colony for fake news about the Russian Armed Forces. writes about this MR7.RU.

Before his arrest, Korolev had made films about journalist Maria Ponomarenko and artist Alexandra Skochilenko, who were accused of spreading false information about the Russian Armed Forces. His trial began on October 17, 2023.

On February 20, St. During the discussion in the building of the Vyborg District Court in St. Petersburg, the prosecutor demanded that Korolev be sentenced to nine years in prison, taking into account the “social danger of the crime.” He may also be banned from publishing on the Internet or carrying out any information projects for four years after his release from prison.

Before that Skochilenko appealed Punishment for spreading false news.

He was sentenced to seven years in a general regime colony for the crime of spreading fake news about the Russian Armed Forces. In March 2022, Skochilenko moved to St. He replaced five price tags in one of the stores in St. Petersburg with stylized pages containing information about the progress of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, which did not correspond to the position of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The artist remained in custody for one and a half years.

Formerly a member of HRC Merkacheva statedThat they gave less for the murder than Skochilenko got for the price tags.

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Source: Gazeta


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