Robe: “Music should serve to make people think”

No introduction needed: is he ‘The Dress’ (Iniesta)same creator too harsh 35 years ago and that has not stopped questioning and reinventing himself. last album workMayéutica’ is an example of his conceptual work, but just as powerful in its rhythms and lyrics.

The title of his latest album refers to the Socrates method: Asking questions about existence and man, finding their own answers. Is this the path you have taken in your career and the one you recommend to the public?

Yes, I don’t like to give my opinion on things, but rather to make you think, that’s the point: to get excited and if it makes you think and get to know yourself… the latter is very important. The Mayeutics method starts with questions that guide you, but it’s also possible to rethink things. Music can also be used for this. I try to move first of all with my songs.

Still that Robe of the source harsh, sinful?

Yes, I compose as I think of it, I don’t plan anything, nor can I say whether I’m going to make a song harder or softer, more limiting or less. I don’t know if he will be happy, sad or scared, I have no idea. I start scratching and I’m a bit of a spectator, I see what comes out. Sometimes I stood up and said, “I’m going to make a happy song” but do the same to myself in the middle of the song “but where did that go wrong? be happy”. It comes out as it did. You have to evolve in life, the normal thing is that the music and lyrics are different from 35 years ago.

The person starts walking and stops being the same person.

Of course, the world is changing, and even if you don’t want to keep changing anything, you do so because everything around you is changing. You cannot be the same person.

There are three-minute ‘Interlude’ and more than 14 ‘I don’t own my feelings’ songs, but how do you get the public to sing, listen, what is shooting between Robe and the public, and how? for them to vibrate being swallowed by such long themes?

This latest album is split into chapters mainly to make it easier to listen to one track or the other, but it’s the same song. It is a single unit lasting approximately 47 minutes, you must listen to it as a whole. At concerts. We play them all and people go crazy, and so do we. It passes quickly, is nice to the touch, and you don’t feel like it’s lasting more or less. It is very variable and we have a great time at concerts with this piece.

The connection between the group is absolute on stage, but also with the public. The concert with that album is very sincere, yet powerful, very emotional, a bit of all at the same time. Is it something you want the public to “go up” on the stage and you to “go down”?

Thanks, how nice! Yes, of course, this is trying to use all the instruments we have, experiencing all the richness of the band, as you say, all these feelings; that they are emotional concerts and also a walk: you can sing, dance and de-stress, but you can also experience other moments. Actually, the concerto was designed a little like this: there are two parts, the first part is a little softer and the last part is a little more optimistic. There’s a little break to get from one section to the next and get your feet on the ground.

On last year’s tour, due to restrictions covid, the public had to restrain themselves not to jump, but in the end it was inevitable that he would get up. How did they experience this from the stage?

You live poorly, nothing to compare with normal. The atmosphere and vibe in the front row, how people were having fun, singing and dancing, excited…, damn, shoulder to shoulder, good vibes, the vibes they gave you, they disappeared.

Did you expect this answer?

Before starting the tour, it seemed to me that it would be worse if the public sat in masks, but in the end, people knew how to fit in and have fun what we had back then They were very emotional concerts. People had fun, so we thought it would be a very weird thing because listening to quiet music is not the same as listening to a party. It was a shock, but he gets along well, where people stand up in doubt, “I’m getting up now, no, now yes…” and finally, “I don’t care. I don’t care.” throw out

They said it was an unexpected success.

Yes, because you do the songs, you play them in the rehearsal room, and there are things you like more or less but you never really have a clue what people will like, you do whatever you want.

Also, a bit experimental, at the risk of it being a different album.

Yes, that’s the whole point, to try, to try new things, now the band has settled down more and we have more resources with Woody (Amores, guitar), who joined before the album, we know each other musically, everything falls into place. easier and faster, you can try many more things. In a local, I always think nothing can go wrong, it’s about trying, trying and trying. Now that we have more emotions, it gets noticed and helps us do weirder things.

How did you manage to consolidate this group in a short time?

We have been together with the first album since 2013, we rehearsed a lot, played with songs, made new ones. We have a very fun way of working that allows us to get to know each other more. I keep working and singing, that’s what it takes to survive, that’s what counts, to have new songs. I already have them and I really want to continue with them.

He said he found the big band of his life.

Yes, but I’m not saying that to have the best band in the world you have to have the best musicians in the world, maybe you don’t understand each other with them. It’s about the fit, the packaging, how it all flows.

What will Zamora find tomorrow, a concert until the public runs out?

We’re going to do a little bit of everything, from Robe’s first two albums, Extremoduro, ‘Mayéutica’ and a few other songs.

Will there be a preview of the new work?

Yes, what would it be like to take off our overalls and people. We wanted to go to work and new songs but of course we had to rehearse to do this tour.

Have a Robe for a while?

When you do what you want, yours is to continue as long as you can, there comes a time when the trips, the stage gets a little difficult, the singing. I will continue as long as my body allows, I will continue to compose and make music when I cannot do it anymore.

Can you sit down and continue singing or is that not part of your plans?

Yes, yes, what is it, sitting down and without a guitar, why not? (Sherry). If you can’t do one thing, you’ll see another way. What you might not think is that you can keep bouncing with a pile of years, but the music and show go even further. Anything that excites you and that you do with pleasure can be done.

Are you surprised that teenagers are attached to Robe? What do you think that gives them?

Yes, and I love that. I don’t know what we’re giving them, it’s Robe, it’s a different kind of music, I guess the music the kids follow is the same, we never made music for the majority but glad to see it so young. people at concerts who like what I’ve been doing lately.

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