Romo Body dance festival returns to Torrevieja on 25 and 26 June

Torrevieja preparing to receive the extension of the festival Dance Blunt Bodyheld in Madrid and is planning its seventh this year. It will be on 25 and 26 June “a complete program of free activities” when dancing “will flood Torrevieja” Jam performances, workshops, interventions and improvisation with live music”

This initiative is led by the Torrevieja artist’s company. Elias Aguirre, Festival’s artistic director and Mayda Islas/SNEO Mestizaje Thanks to the full support of the City Council, it rekindles the connection between Torrevieja and Madrid, born with the aim of “to deliver a high-quality program on the coast, to create synergies between towns, creators and audiences”. This appointment with the dance, according to the organizers, In 2016, the previous government team promoted the first link between the two cities through Cuerpo Romo, which received support from the public and critics, According to a memo from the City Council Communications Department, including those sent by the festival organization.

“Dance and Music Carousel”

Saturday From 25 June 19:30In the natural pools area of ​​Paseo Marítimo de Juan Aparicio, the Cuerpo Romo Festival offers a dance and music carousel where the public can enjoy the best dancing at street level until late at night.

Informal ‘Meze’ will dance‘, a very special piece that moves between dance, theater and the ‘unknown’, something that characterizes the work of this performing arts company, which serves as a platform for artistic creation in all its fields.

Next La Macana presents ‘Come’‘, according to the press release of the organization of the competition, which has been traveling the world for more than 10 years, is a work that has been recognized with many awards such as the Audience Award and the XXII Competition Critics Award. Madrid Choreography or SGAE Prize at the Burgos Competition. La Macana is a Galician-based dance company founded in 2009 by creators and artists Caterina Varela and Alexis Fernández. The ongoing collaborations with other artists and the strong international projection of their projects are the two pillars on which their work rests.

It will be the third Elias Aguirre Company Who will take over surprising the public with his job? “flower heads”Premiered at Danza 2021 in Madrid, and as with all of Aguirre’s work, a combination of contemporary dance techniques, urban dance, gesture theater and strong inspiration from nature. ‘Flowerheads’ is a “contemporary dance piece that conveys the pleasure of impermanence and the fragility of ecosystems” Mario González, David Eusse and Elias Aguirre.

‘Niagara’ by La Intrusa company, National Dance Award 2015closes the actions block. This show reflects concepts such as falling, loss or change, which often plunges us into a vital abyss, an area of ​​freedom for which we are not prepared. La Intrusa is a contemporary artistic creation company with more than two decades of experience led by Virginia García and Damián Muñoz.

The “artistic touch” will be provided by a JAM Impro with live music and dancers featuring musician, producer and DJ Ed is Dead and Portuguese musician Jorge Da Rocha. will be from 21

Poster for the presentation of the Romo Body Festival in Torrevieja


Romo Body 2022 is offering three free workshops of limited capacity, each of two sessions, on 25 and 26 June at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Center, with prior email registration: longer

The first of the sessions on Saturday, June 25, between 10:00 – 11:30; promotional workshop with contemporary dance of the Ruth Muelasaimed to bring contemporary dance closer to anyone who wants to experience the pleasure of movement related to weight, space, time and energy flow. It’s a great opportunity for the youngest and most restless public to get in touch with discipline. Ruth Muelas is a renowned dancer and choreographer with a multidisciplinary background spanning dance, acting and sports.

Cuerpo Romo returns to Torrevieja after the first extension of the festival in the city in 2016

Then, between 11:30 and 13:00, the second of the appointments will take place with the formation. Taught by What’s Happening Between La Macana Company It will be the second of the workshops where participants will immerse themselves in a shared experience, as it is about exploring what happens between two people dancing together.

La Macana combines her creative work with her pedagogical work, creating an identity stamp in her formations where we find Contact Improvisation practices such as coordination, agility and body intuition exercises and games.

The third training appointment will be between 13:00 – 14:30. intrusive will give a workshop Courage of Possibilitiesthis, participants will gain familiarity with concepts such as avoidance of need, trust, risk, wealth and sensitivity, and it will be possible to get to know each other through sharing dynamics.

intrusive is a contemporary artistic creation company run by Virginia Garcia and Damian Munoz She celebrated two decades on the stage with the recognition of the 2015 National Dance Award for her artistic creations.

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