Antonio Marest brings the party to Las Vegas

The art of Antonyo Marest (Villena, 1987) has more and more suitors. in the United States, where he is often deployed in recent years. MiamiLos Angeles, Salt Lake City or Durham which cities are there The man from Alicante brought his Mediterranean essence and distinctive style through large-scale urban painting.. Now he has just returned from Las Vegas in the Nevada desert where he is in charge. refresh the image of one of the casinos From the gaming capital of the United States, StratThe hotel complex features the symbolic 350-metre high SkyPod tower.

It is not uncommon for a non-American artist to be chosen. Capture the essence of Americana a perfect destination for world entertainment, and Marest was the first European artist to reinterpret such a landmark in the United States with four major works that shined outside the building. Dancing in the Desert. Precautions made in each piece two hundred square meters and all the scenes Inspired by the night, party, fun and spirit of Las VegasThis led the artist to explore the history and origins of the city to change the face of this area.

However, this time Antonyo Marest did not climb the crane to spray paint high, he started his first work. digital graphics. In all four compositions, he used avant-garde digital design techniques with scalable works and the integration of the society elements he animated. The result is a combination of neon, architectural details, cacti, chips, dice, playing cards, cocktails and party The names claiming four works in the renovation of The Strat, which, like the entire city of Las Vegas, had to be reborn after the crisis caused by the pandemic.

Marest also had to change the visual language he used in his interventions in Miami, a city dominated by light and sun. at night, the party and fun of Las Vegas.

With nearly two hundred works painted on five continents, the unique Mediterranean and the Marest region, where Alicante makes its mark, is growing outside our borders, claiming for the colorful, positive and entertaining vision that the artist puts his stamp on his works. “I come from a country where work, climate and character allow us to look at life with renewed enthusiasm every day,” he said at the casino’s opening a few weeks ago.

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