Main Mena: “Going to Benidorm Fest is not in my plans”

Good performance of their last single Main Menulike brand new ‘at 12’ with Belinda One of the people’s favorites to represent Spain Eurovisionhowever, it is “not in his plans” to present himself to the public. Benidorm Festivalat least next year.

“I like following him but I don’t want to go now. I have thousands of other things on my mind, including finishing my album, which is very important to me, and I think you have to work on it for a long time to be able to attend a festival of the caliber of Benidorm Fest. make a good offer and it won’t be soon,” he said to Efe without closing the door completely.

In this sense, it draws attention to: he wouldn’t hesitate to compose a song “Italian or Spanish” for another artist to defend him. In this national primary for Eurovision. “That would be nice, I would love to,” she says.

Where hopes to return, confirms, to the San Remo festival in ItalyA country with great ties and after trying many times, it was lucky enough to join this year and it was the original song. ‘He prayed with the duecentomile’ He is the first foreign artist to attend this event since 2015.

Beyond her penultimate position, Mena (Estepona, 1997) feels “very pleased and proud” to have sung on that stage: “Despite what people say, I had no expectations of winning San Remo or being Italy’s representative in Eurovision.“.

“My only goal was to be there and enjoy it to the fullest, and not just the music, but the people who always speak Italian, their slang, their jokes… I did all of that and, therefore, I am extremely happy,” he says.

About his affinity for the music of his transalpine country, where he is as experienced an artist as in Spain, he says it came from his father, who played Italian figures’ songs for him when he was little.

“Italy is now my second home”he recalls, at this point in his career he says he didn’t even speak it for the first song he recorded in that languagedid not prevent it from being the beginning of many chain successes.

This is how he collected the compositions in his repertoire. ‘D’estate is not worth it’, ‘back anchor’, ‘Un bacio all’ improvisation’ anyone ‘One step away from the moon’. “These are very, very crazy times. Every time I release a song there is more pressure, because I think: What if I don’t like it that much? But then the opposite happens and the truth is I’m very happy,” she says.

The last Italian song he presented to his listeners was: ‘Mezzanotte’It was released as a duet with the Spanish version ‘Las 12’. Belinda “We respectfully commemorate all strong and struggling women who are not afraid to face everything that is put before them” and is already spoken as a candidate for the song of the summer of 2022.

Source: Informacion


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