Open the Scroll call to showcase audiovisual projects at Las Cigarreras

Valencia Community Museums Consortium (CMCV), black project of the all goodopens period scroll Call, presentation audio-visual exhibition projects artistic for the second consecutive year for the year Las Cigarreras Cultural Center will select proposals to be displayed in the Black Audio-Visual Room of the White Box 2022 and 2023. Deadline Open until 30 June 2022 and any natural or legal person, artist and/or curator, both local and national, can apply. Two proposals will be selected and a total of € 3,400 will be allocated to each project.

The infinite verticality of the parchment and the rhizomatic are the two axes. Themes that the Scroll orbits in this call.

“The scroll is hereby offered as an invitation. discoverthrough artistic practices, the gap between the seemingly innocent technophilia and the dark dystopias of technophobia. It’s a break from binary thinking, which categorizes reality in a binary, opposite, and hierarchical way,” they say. Alicia Escobio and Maite Munoz The authors of the curatorial text are from Vista Oral.

After the quality of the works presented in the first edition, the director of the Consortium of Museums, José Luis PerezPont“We encourage this second call, which is a good opportunity to continue betting on. Rising talent from Alicante, but also international, through new technologies, they develop interactive narratives in their most experimental form in a reference space like Las Cigarreras. Our commitment is to contribute to the necessary cultural agitation of Alicante in terms of new artistic expressions”.

One of the projects in the previous call INFORMATION

About scroll

Scroll selected on first call 2021 three projects He worked in different concepts and with various sources and brought together the works of ten artists. The Negre room has been transformed in every project. A total of three installations where the common denominator is the experimental nature and the meeting of artists from the international contemporary scene. These facilities were: Allò que s`escolta des que un cos deixa d’estar al seu eix saved the fins (Mar Reykjavyk and Adina L. Velázquez), blue background (Mon Cano and Inigo Barron) Y This time is not typical (The Lava Art Project, with their work María Alcaide, Kara Gut, Yosi Negrín and Jannis Zell).

about black

Negre is Todo Bien’s exhibition programming project located in the Negre audiovisual room of Caja Blanca de Las Cigarreras. The aim of this project, The use of this space as a place for the exhibition, experimentation and dissemination of contemporary art projects that explore the possibilities of use and contemporary context of audiovisual. In addition, Negre aims to provide support to new creators working with the audiovisual medium, promoting and producing conditions that facilitate the display and dissemination of their projects inside and outside the Las Cigarreras Cultural Center.

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