Kim Nam-joon: BTS’ prolific and talented rapper boosts solo career

Amid all the doubts and concerns raised by the decision announced by the Korean pop group bts to breathe, what will happen to their leader, Kim Namjoonleast worried at this hour ARMYs, nicknames their followers give themselves. Soul mater, the author of the group’s most sung melodies, smart and handsome singer alone and with a proven natural talent for music and communication, start your solo career and continues to satisfy its large fan base.

If that’s why the combo chose to go into “pause mode” – at least that’s what they claim in their farewell video: seven musicians they wanted to fly each one alongDespite seeing the gunfight, they had to deny their dissolution, including the stock market crash of the company that sponsored them – he is undoubtedly the one most interested in taking that step.

Unsurprisingly, Nam-joon was taking his first steps outside the group – since 2015 two solo mixtapes He had a name, style, and artistic personality in rap-key and on the day of 2010 when an astute executive of audiovisual production company Big Hit Music signed him up to put him together. ‘boy group’ His image and likeness.

sales records

It was called then Runch Randa and corduroy in Seoul’s ‘underground hip-hop’. Then came ‘No more dream’, the theme for which BTS is now known. 2013 It’s filled with hits—first in Korea and then around the world—and the nine studio albums they’ve released in their nearly ten-year lifetime. ‘Dynamite’, ‘Boy with Luv’‘Y ‘microphone drop’accumulates several sales, visits and digital reproduction records.

between ‘hitazo’ and ‘hitazo’, MR -these are the initials he used to describe himself, short for Rap Monster, his second stage name- talent and personal charm They are way above the rest of the team.

Advertising model of a coffee brand, author of 176 songs registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association (SGAE of Asian country) and multilingual – her mother perfectly masters English and Japanese apart from Korean – no one can miss this who, naturally, Acts as the group’s spokesperson in negotiations and is responsible for delivering the speeches, as he did at the United Nations headquarters in September 2021, or during his last visit to the White House, where they were invited by the same person. Joe Biden Supporting a campaign against racism against Asians in the United States.

An exemplary student is a student they have identified at school. talented iq.His first artistic impulse was poetry. Poems led him to rap and hip-hop led him to pop. Now, 26 years old, a world star, his time and talent will tell you what life was like after the big diamond band in the roughness of Korean popular music. At this time, the musician fell into his farewell video: “K-pop and the idol system do not allow people to mature.”

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