After two years of transfers in the Tula region, “Wild mint” began

Music festival “Wild mint” opened in the Tula region “Bilboard Daily” referring to the organizers of the event.

The festival, which started in the village of Bunyrevo, which was postponed for two years, will last for two weekends (June 18-19 and June 25-26). First day – June 17 as part of Wild Mint. Green” – about 20 thousand people gathered in the open space, who came to participate in more than 20 concerts in four stages, including the performances of Kino and Komsomolsk.

“Usually we make a business schedule based on the fact that the audience usually arrives in the afternoon. This time the visitors were more disciplined than we were and many arrived early. The number of guests doubled. “We reacted to the situation by significantly reducing the waiting time,” said festival producer Andrey Klyukin.

Wild Mint. Violet” and a musical camp “Wild Mint. Camp.

More than 80 artists will be performing on June 18-19, including The Hatters, Garik Sukachev, Dusty Rainbow Pioneer Camp and more.

From March 25 to 26, Dolphin, Jane Air, Kedr Livanskiy, “Give me a tank (!)”, “Neuromonakh Feofan” and other artists will be on stage.

Previously, the music group “Kino” announcedperformed the concert with the restored, digitized voice of the late Viktor Tsoi.

Source: Gazeta


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