The dangers of being an adult

There are times when poetry becomes a sought-after article, something that surprises many of us who are already regulars of poetry. I speak of poetry as if it were a nightclub or a home room because I feel it as a place of transition, of writing and movement. Poetic action is life in its purest form, and it finally manifests itself. In poetry, as in every art, there is a fear of youth, a divine and ordained treasure, but it is youth that advances, transforms and mutates everything. We are experiencing an explosion of talent. The rooms are full of pushing people.

The dangers of being an adult

Published by Talón de Aquiles publishing house with a foreword by Silvia Campos, The Unsettled Footprints of Iria Fariñas is an unusual collection of poetry being created today. Young poets like Rosa Berbel or Mario Obrero go through difficult paths but leave their mark, and I sense the same thing in Iria Fariñas’ poetry. Opening the book, Example No. 1 The first poem, titled Identification Subgenre, implies that we are not already dealing with an ordinary poet, but a substrate: no control/in the rain./The future/ a circle, a cross, an arch; / a story or a drama / to accommodate. Iria drinks from many sources: symbolism (always connected with her painting), existentialism, the poetry of difference… She doesn’t want to pigeonhole herself in an uncertain place, by herself.

In the summary of the book, we can discover a map of what we will find in the book: “Like analyzing samples collected at a crime scene, Desolate Footprints encourages us to discover a transparent trail that leads to a nameless place. . The place of prayer, separation, and encounter is in that reality. This collection of poems embodies the power and fragility of the unidentified. A bow in its search for its own identity through the elimination of assumptions, defaults, unnecessary skins covering the maximum to the minimum, that is, the footprint of the echo of the echo of the echo. In this collection of poems, he throws a map that leads nowhere».

Fariñas examines his reality like a coroner. He knows exactly where to put every word, every picture, every symbol. This work is divided into four well-separated sections: Pelmatoscopy, Chiroscopy, Dactyloscopy, and Confidential Printing. Farinas, Sample No. 1 He examines and emphasizes his poems, as in the poems of the second part entitled Subtype naming: This house, which is my name, is not a house/perhaps a country house/or an appropriate dialogue. /How can I suggest in this link/that even the cold is temporary?/ My skin is a suit/I’m discovering/ and it contains a nature that I know nothing about.

Iria Fariñas was born in 1996 in Madrid. She weaves a web between her education, plastic arts, creative writing and cultural management. She is currently studying a Philosophy Degree she. In 2019, he founded the RNM sociocultural project she. Last year she realized two artistic residences at Joya Air (Almería).

He has published four poetry collections: Uninhabited Footprints (Talón de Aquiles, 2021), Antinomia (Postdata, 2020), Aerial View (Entre Ríos, 2020), and Yesterday will be late (Poetry Mantain, 2019); and a book of short stories, Shout Low (2021), with the publishing house Entre Ríos. In 2022, he will publish a collection of poems that remove the bone with the publishing house L’Ecume.

Desolate Footprints by author Iria Fariñas is a hymn to identity. Fariñas tells us about his changes, his obsessions, the turbulent moments of his transformation. The girl who is a woman and everything that entails. This collection of poems is a confirmation of a poet in constant search, as indicated in the last poem of the book, Example No. 8 subtypes of impact: past and oblivion. and awakening light blows./Punches are gestures of an adult in the desert/breaking/moving.

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