almost perfect storm

It was the summer of 1977 in Alicante and we were holding a rally for the first legislative election after forty years of dictatorship. The organizers have chosen a place that can host all citizens who want to attend the event that Felipe González will introduce in our city. We went to get permission from José Rico Pérez, a Democratic industrialist who was then president of the main Alicante football club Hércules. Don José immediately gave this place to us on one condition: not to step onto the grass, a battleground reserved for eleven heroes who jump onto the field every fortnight. We set up a large order service, and two hours before the start of the meeting, the stands were almost filled with more than forty thousand people. Knowing that González has a show in Andalusia and that it will be delayed a bit, we sought the collaboration of a prominent flamenco singer, José Menese, to delight and entertain the attendees; They warned that Felipe was in the stadium as countless songs started. Menese went up to the guitarist and said something like, “Son, finish now, the boss is here.”

Explanatory anecdote to explain briefly, there will be time and better items to separate my friend Professor Enrique Giménez’s new and essential book on the fall of the Society of Jesus between 1773 and 1814/16 from its predecessors and conclusions. One of the best-known experts in investigating the adventures and misfortunes of the Jesuits, Giménez has devoted a large part of his work to this subject, not only in our country, where more than five thousand members of the Company were driven from the lands of the Hispanic monarchy. Intellectual life to study the educational, economic and above all political role of the Order founded in Paris in 1534.

This new book by a professor of Modern History at the University of Alicante, most monarchs Catholics, Pope Pope XIV. Publishing the Short Redemptor Dominus that canonically extinguished the Society of Jesus. As Giménez concludes, after Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, the Ignatian order, after half a century of decline, was “restored by Pius VII as an ideological weapon at the disposal of the throne and altar.” This is without a doubt the most complete story ever written about the storm that threatens and is about to sink the world’s Jesuit power. Ma non troppo, because as Ignatius of Loyola put it in the 16th century, “never move while in solitude.”

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