More walls for art in Sant Joan

fantasy Mass Shineabstract line with ecological message couple 13 or light filled letters Air, Laia, and Moses they have started to close new areas on their streets that were previously empty. St. John’s. urban arts festival Tapia Festival -Moreover an essence and after the summer, mario mankeyforced to delay intervention Celebrating its fourth edition by Sunday with four artistic interventions adding to it street art route started in 2018 and this already has one twenty muralsThanks to the support of the Sant Joan Department of Culture.

Alicante is among the new additions to the festival Nereida CagesHe faces a nearly 6-metre-long wall in front of the Colon hostel, known as Misa Shine, which houses the parking area of ​​his property – many of the walls are given by private individuals, along with municipal ones. Dance and music fly It is the first title of Misa’s drawing; this says that it works with no prior intention, but “channeled” through what the universe conveys to it. Started filling out forms on Tuesday and it’s almost ready now. “I mix everything to live more or less from art,” says the illustrator, tattoo artist, art teacher, and portraitist. “I really like to paint in large sizes and you can only do that with large paintings or murals like that,” he adds. “What’s special is the interaction with people because when you do something alone in the workshop it’s more airtight.. That makes it more accessible, enjoyable and beautiful, and brings art closer to you when you leave home.”

Garcia Alvarez, Sergio de Lamo and Juan Durannewly included form couple 13 paint a booth in front of the Library of Sant Joan with brushes and brushes running until Sunday “so you can see some movement” Urban Route day, where all finished murals are visited and artists showcase their work to the public.

García Álvarez from Doble 13 paints his work at La Tapia Fest AXEL ALVAREZ

His was distributed in two parts, a more abstract line Duran’s water centered Y another more impressionistic by Garcia Alvarez on the firethe two elements that work revolves around as components of life and death in natureIt’s a “very present in our business” topic. These will be accompanied by some text that helps to understand the message, always environmental, social or cultural values With the mural art cooperative they established in 2017, they developed murals in different parts of the province -in Elda, they have a giant slope of 620 meters-. Believing this, the group says, “These festivals are great.” “The revitalization of spaces is super enriching for citizens, albeit passively, but it invites reflection and opens the door to discussion”.

trio of women Air, Laia, and Moses It will occupy a wall at the La Ordana pass 26 meters long “pure graffiti”. Their words are theirs and they drink from the classics, and although each has their own style and way of expressing themselves with the spray, agree on the colors they will use, “basically all”Weather jokes. “We all like to paint in a big way and it’s a pleasure to feature the most classic graffiti”adds this artist from Madrid, who now lives in Alicante, and points out that although his drawings have basic lettering, the use of color or movement already conveys a message. “joy, dance and positive energy”.

Tony Cuatrero“We always try to adapt the mediums to the style that the artists choose for their work, but we never ask for the outline of what they will draw, just give them the context of where they will be doing it,” says one of the festival’s founders, adding that they try to balance the murals with other media, “because you can’t fill the city with big murals either, that would be a bit invasive”. In these years, almost all of the work done in previous editions remains clean, and Cuatrero “It values ​​the artist as he deserves as a professional worker”Including Manu Ripoll, who will make a report with illustrations on everything that happened during La Tapia Fest.

This Saturday, all supplementary activities will be developed according to urban artworks. Constitution Square starting at 10:30 with flea market, t-shirt printing and screen printing workshops and concerts Le Grand Wednesday, Los Ibiza and R de Rumba and La Tapia Sonora in Sala Euterpe at midnight.

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