True Detective is back! In the new season, Jodie Foster is looking for missing scientists in Alaska. The fourth season of the True Detective series has started 17.01.2024, 14:55

It’s worth dressing warmly: In Alaska, the weather is such and there is nothing to do – somewhere on a snow-covered peninsula the “True Detective” anthology finds a new home and, after a five-year hiatus, returns with its fourth season. Or with the first one.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t True Detective, it’s True Detective: Nightland, which is a somewhat separate entity. Featuring Billie Eilish composing dark pop paired with older brother Phineas (family contract rule is followed) instead of the gothic country of married duo The Handsome Family, the credits gleefully announce that the series is “made for TV.” True Detective series created by Nic Pizzolatto.” and “Night Country” was coined by Mexican Issa Lopez.

Lopez, known for the horror movie “Tigers Are Not Afraid” about the Mexican drug wars and the revenge of orphans, actually replaced Pizzolatto as showrunner. Apparently, after three different seasons that were received wildly differently by audiences, HBO concluded that they couldn’t make any more trouble with True Detective’s writer and only retained official “executive producer” status for him. and the project was, in a sense, rebooted (Pizzolatto once smugly declared that the whole thing was considered a single series simply because he made it).

The first season of True Detective is rightly called one of the best works in television history. All advantages for us. For those involved, this is a real curse: it is almost impossible to reproduce, let alone overcome.

Both the second and third seasons were inevitably compared to the original – and of course no better. However, it is worth giving Pizzolatto his due: before calculating the beloved formula of success, he first honestly tried to portray something new, starting with California noir.

Lopez has a slightly different approach: He makes no secret of the fact that he was initially trying to film a dark mirror version of the first True Detective (albeit much darker), in which there would be the harsh snows of Alaska instead of the sultry swamps of Louisiana. and there would be women instead of men. In the new series, instead of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, the investigation is led by boxer Kali Reis, who has this role for the third time in her career. (She made her debut in 2021 in the thriller “Hostage: Find the Missing Person” and then starred in “Black Flies” opposite Sean Penn.)and The Silence of the Lambs star Jodie Foster, this role was her first major television job as an adult. Based on the single episode aired, it’s hard to judge how comparable the new acting duo is to the exemplary duo from the first season, but in any case, who in their right mind would turn down six hours of Jodie Foster?

What you need to investigate this time is this: Eight scientists (all men) who appear to be working on the origin of life disappear from a research station near the fictional town of Ennis, where the polar night takes place. At the same time, police found a severed female tongue in the area; apparently the language belonged to a local activist who was brutally murdered years ago. It’s completely unclear what’s going on and how they’re connected.

Obvious parallels with John Carpenter’s The Thing, an important work in the Lovecraftian cosmic horror genre, emerge by the 12th minute, and this is confirmed by the end of the 12th minute (a cassette with the film can be seen in the frame). In this sense, the connection with the first season, bathed in HP Lovecraft’s literature, is preserved.

But experts enrolled in Arkham will understand everything from the very beginning: the first episode is preceded by a fake quote from Hildred Kasten, the main character of the story “Restorator of Reputations” from the collection “The King in Yellow”. ” by Robert Chambers (motifs taken from the author’s work, which had a great influence on Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Myth, also had a significant role in the original True Detective); Lopez was looking for a suitable phrase for the epigraph, but could not find it and decided to make it up.

However, it is still difficult to realize continuity in the director’s vision. As will be seen in the following episodes, the first season would not have been a masterpiece without Cary Fukunaga’s direction. In fact, his absence and the resulting lack of a creative balance to Pizzolatto’s ambitions explained the failure of the second part of the series, which he directed as his creator intended.

Lopez apparently has no such concerns: She was given the opportunity to direct all six episodes of Nightland. Let’s see what the remaining five have, of course, but the first one is not so breathtaking: it seems that the visual component excites the show at least secondarily, or even thirdly.

Here’s hoping cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister, who won an Oscar for Todd Field’s drama “Tar,” will continue to stick around. Until then, we’ll have to rely on the heartbreaking horror notes and typical evil in the soul of Twin Peaks. “True Detective” was initially flirting with the supernatural, let’s see how far everything goes in the current remix: after all, in one of the seasons the boundaries of the ordinary were successfully pushed by another cult anthology “Fargo”, so what the hell is this no joke. In any case, the opening scene where the escaping deer jumps off the cliff (there they were and then they were gone) is a powerful statement.

What are you thinking?

The fourth season of True Detective began airing on HBO. The action in the anthology’s new episodes takes place in a town in Alaska, where Jodie Foster’s heroine investigates the disappearance of scientists at a research station (who are somehow linked to a long-standing unsolved murder). film critic Pavel Voronkov shares his impressions of the first episode (spoiler: nothing is clear yet, but it looks promising).

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