The widow of a soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces caused a scandal because of a Russian song 19:26

In the Volyn region of western Ukraine, the widow of a soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces caused a scandal because of a Russian song that young people sang on the street. In this respect reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, referring to local media.

Young people allegedly sang Russian songs near Lubart’s castle in Lutsk.

A woman filmed young men who voluntarily introduced themselves singing the song “Tramp” by Azerbaijani-Russian artist Elbrus Dzhanmirzoev.

“Smart people turn off the music quietly and do not sing this “Tramp” song out of respect for others. But no. “You need to show girls how resilient they are and how they can open their mouths,” she said.

The other day, Ukrainian singer Khristina Solovy he was angryFigure skater Kamila Valieva skated with her song as part of a performance at an ice show in Russia.

Valieva slipped into the song Nightingale “Trimay” (“Hold”) with Russian words. According to the Ukrainian singer, she did not give the rights to use her music in this issue.

Previously in Japanese accepted Akutagawa Prize for a novel written using ChatGPT.

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Source: Gazeta


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