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Cante de las Minas winners will perform at the Mediterranean Flamenco Festival


Fundación Mediterráneo will host two selective tests in 2023. Song of the Mines FestivalA gala featuring the winners of the Murcian competition in the Flamenco Mediterráneo series.

These are the three most prominent lines of cooperation in the agreement signed this morning between the Fundación Mediterráneo and the United States. Mining Foundation’s singing Valuing the flamenco culture and emerging talent at La Unión.

Mediterranean Foundation Vice President, Rosa Prisonsigned this document with the president of Cante de las Minas and the mayor of the Union, Pedro Lopez Milan. The director of the Festival del Cante de las Minas was also present at the event. Juan Carlos Lopez and corporate relations manager of Fundación Mediterráneo, Anthony Rubira.

Rosa Peñalver said, “The Cante de las Minas Festival is a very important day for the Fundación Mediterráneo, as it is one of the Spanish cultural assets. more relevant and well-known Nationally and internationally”. Through this agreement, Peñalver adds, “We continue to bet on young talent and Flamenco culture” and “become a cultural reference that allows us to associate the Foundation with the potential of flamenco as the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.”

Pedro López, mayor of the union and head of Cante de las Minas, said: “For us, this agreement is Keep promoting our festival In the region of Murcia and Alicante. In addition, undertaking the selective testing and performance of the winners of our competitions, introduction of these artists and with it, one of our maxims: advocating and promoting our mining songs”.

The winner of the Young Artists Award at the 2022 International Cante de las Minas Festival will take the stage at the opening stage of the VI Mediterranean Flamenco Festival to be held in October and November 2022.

Two selection tests for the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas will now be held at the Fundación Mediterráneo headquarters. Alicante and Murcia. These artistic events at La Unión are recognized by the public and critics as a reference in the flamenco world, thanks to the prestige it has earned throughout its history.

Also, the winners of the 2023 Festival del Cante de las Minas will perform at a gala for the winners of the Flamenco Festival, organized by the Fundación Mediterráneo at its headquarters in both Alicante and Murcia. Here are the award winners Mining Lamp, Bordón Minero Award, Desplante award and Filón award From 2023, they will play at a gala as part of the Mediterranean Flamenco Festival.

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