Queen of all pomegranates

exists in the world More than 500 varieties of pomegranate but of all, The only one with a Protected Designation of Origin is Mollar de Elche. The reason for this recognition, achieved in January 2016, is based on the tradition that exists in the region regarding this product, the experience of farmers who have managed to preserve this diversity over the centuries and the unique characteristics of this product. this grenade: It tastes sweet, its core is very soft, and it also has a very unique exterior color. The fruit varies from cream to red depending on the amount of sunlight it receives from the tree.

All these qualities make up the Mollar of Elche queen of all pomegranates. Total product falling within the scope of Name of Origin 40 municipalities Approximately 3,000 hectares of land corresponding to the L’Alacantí, Baix Vinalopó and Vega Baja regions. Each campaign produces in these areas 50,000 tons and of all, those in the first and extra categories registered with the Regulatory Board are those that can be marketed with the DOP seal from October to the end of January. But, This year’s figures are down at least 30% due to different heat waves this summer.

Elche will have Granada Mollar The hero of the first week of the new season of “Menjars de la Terra”Starting in this edition in Baix VinalopóWith the participation of restaurants Carlos de Elche, La Posada de Torrellano, Cofradía de Pescadores de Santa Pola, Matola de Elche and Las Palmeras de Crevillent. All five restaurants will include it as an ingredient in at least one of their dishes.

Elche’s Mollar pomegranate, beyond its flavor and healthy properties, is also It has an important place in our country’s distinguished cuisine.. In fact, Michelin-starred Elche chef Susi Díaz is a great ambassador for Elche pomegranates and a great advocate of the product among the most prestigious chefs across the country. So more than a dozen Michelin stars, including Albert Adrià, Quique Dacosta, Mario Sandoval, Paco Roncero and Ricard Camarena, as well as Alberto Chicote and master pastry chef Paco Torreblanca, passed through the Elche countryside to kick off the pomegranate season. among others.

Additionally, Susi Díaz’s La Finca restaurant is also the stage for the final of the competition. Creative Cooking Competition with Pomegranates from Elche this 2024 reaches its thirteenth edition with the participation of fifty chefs from all over Spain.

This competition allows you to show yourself The great versatility of pomegranate Mollar from Elche is in the kitchen. Its role goes beyond its presence in salads or as a piece of fruit and is found in vinaigrettes, sauces, gravies, jellies, mousses… and pairs perfectly with meat or fish.

Pomegranate consumption has increased significantly in recent years Among other things, due to the promotional work carried out by the Designation of Origin and its numerous healthy properties.

In this sense, pomegranate is considered a Functional Food as it has been shown to have beneficial effects on the body. help improve human health and well-being.

Elche pomegranate is one of the most well-known pomegranates in the world. INFORMATION

Among the benefits of consuming pomegranates, the following stand out: maintenance of our cardiovascular system. Additionally, pomegranate is known for its antioxidant power, which has a preventive role in reducing the risk patterns of some diseases such as prostate and breast cancer, obesity, and even preventing or delaying diabetes, as blood glucose levels have been observed to significantly reduce. . Also other related benefits oral health, antimicrobials and anti-skin aging.

In this way, it has become the Mollar pomegranate of Elche due to its health, recognition, taste and quality. one of the most well-known grenades in the world.

Restaurants “Menjars de la Terra” in Baix Vinalopó

Monday, January 29

Carlos Restaurant (Elche)


Phone: 965 42 71 84



Tuesday, January 30

La Posada Restaurant (Torrellano)


Phone and whatsapp: 965 68 29 57



Wednesday, January 31

Fishermen’s Guild Restaurant (Santa Pola)


657 95 79 16 – 965 41 67 72

Thursday, February 1

Matola Restaurant (Elche)


966 63 12 52


Friday, February 2

Las Palmeras Restaurant (Crevillent)


Phone: 965 40 01 88

WhatsApp: 615 22 63 39



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