The story of the young woman from Alicante who had a liver transplant “Yellow eyes”

When there is a person so sick liver, its eyes, skin, and teeth become very yellow. “In that case deterioration to the point of being placed on the organ transplant waiting list, Describing events in the least painful way for me, one of the doctors said: Silvia, you have small yellow eyes». was born there The name of the novel in which the protagonist, Alicante author Silvia S. Rubio, tells her story.

Young woman took A new liver at the Barcelona Clinic in November 2020 When his life was in danger after many years of illness, idiopathic portal hypertension suffering the first part 22 years. was treated They saw that he was in Alicante General Hospital a complex pathologyAnd They directed him to the Catalan cityWhere There is a world expert on the syndrome, which is among the rare diseases The cause is unknown. Finally became one cryptogenic cirrhosis, his liver began to fail and he needed a transplant.

The intervention took place in the middle of the epidemiconly in case of emergency surgery. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor He managed to get the organ that changed his existence. A journey between emotions and the way to face the abyss A rare, chronic and degenerative disease Pages of his first novel, “Yellow Eyes” which part How a young woman in her thirties fainted and had to face a series of difficulties due to a long pathology and transplant.

Smiling image of Silvia, whose life changed with the transplant Rafa Arjones

change the ego

The author and his hero Journalism graduate and writertakes the reader deep into history Ari is his alter ego. a novel 80% autobiographical and 20% literary fiction Leaving the environment where patients and doctors are present and Reaching the general public with the main character and side characters of his family and friends; And foreword by writer and cartoonist JuarmaHE Silvia S. Rubio presented in Alicante and Barcelona, and also wants to present it in Madrid. readers can empathize, feel and learn from this story.

Of the challenges of self-published works, he notes: It is well received and can be purchased online. Also available at 80 Mundos bookstore in Alicante.

“Life put me in front of me It’s as incredible as a transplant and I felt the need to tell it.» he states.

Since his health has always been fragile, his daily life has completely changed. «When he was 22, he emerged with serious internal bleeding, but She was always a sickly and weak girl, with occasional fevers and I got infections because my body wasn’t working well. When I was 37, that is, when I had the transplant, I really knew what it meant to feel good. “Life has changed me, I feel that my body now has all the strength of a healthy person.”

“Life brought me face to face with an incredible situation like organ transplantation and I felt the need to tell about it”

Silvia S. Rubio – Author

His illness forced him to stop all his activities, «I couldn’t do anything, when I was 30 it was like I was 80, I was so tired.. I even had to quit my job because I couldn’t stand being away from home for eight or ten hours. Thanks to someone who donated a liver to him, he now lives a normal life with his sports and projects. «It is comforting to think that the organs of a person who no longer has a cure can continue to give life. Spain is very supportive of donation but for some families it is taboo, so stories like this need to be told because there are so many people receiving organ transplants.

Spain is leading the way in donations and transplants, saving many people. There is a lot of progress compared to other countries, but ultimately your life depends on someone else’s life and the decision of the deceased’s relatives, unless they give written notice that they want to be an organ donor. it’s their time of death. death. It’s such a thing Patient associations fight a lotThat it wasn’t scary and it didn’t matter to me and that someone else could follow his path with my organs. Many of us were transferred Spain from different organs”.

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