Kirkorov flew to Dubai after Ivleeva’s party 09:56

Singer Philip Kirkorov flew to Dubai to perform in front of the audience; made this trip after the scandalous “naked” party of blogger Anastasia Ivleeva. This was reported by Telegram-channel “Secular Chronicle”.

According to the author, the artist came to a city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to perform for a local audience. “He looks normal, more alive than anyone alive. He runs straight to the stage,” says the publication.

It was noted that the singer will hold several Christmas concerts in the UAE. Singer Mikhail Shufutinsky will also perform on stage with him.

The channel also revealed that Kirkorov said in one of his previous speeches that he “could not imagine life without Russia.”

Kirkorov became one of the main representatives of the disgraced Russian stage after joining the Ivleeva party. Shortly after the event, the artist recorded a video in which he commented on his decision to come to the blogger.

30 December artist extinct Tax debt amid scandal. The singer owed more than 12.3 million rubles to the Federal Tax Service (FTS).

Already in the new year, 2024, Kirkorov I got a tattoo with the scarab, which is said to bring luck to its owner and also symbolizes rebirth.

Previously recognized Ivleeva’s position.

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Source: Gazeta


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