Alain Delon’s health condition disrupts family unity

The health of 88-year-old Alain Delon, the legend of French cinema, is deteriorating, his eldest son confessed to his close circle. This will be your last Christmas. He destroys the family unity with the complaints between his children.

The eldest of these is Anthony, the result of his affair in the 60s Francine CanovasHis first wife, known as Nathalie Delon, had filed a complaint last November against his half-sister Anouchka, the daughter of Dutch model Rosalie van Breemen, who was the actor’s partner from 1987 to 2001.

In an interview published this Thursday in the weekly magazine Paris Match, Anthony assures: Anouchka hid it from him and his stepbrother Alain Fabianalso his son Van Breemen, deterioration of his father’s mental state.

The publication of the magazine caused a reaction from Anouchka, who announced that she would blame her brother. Slander, harassment and threatsbut also from Alain Delon, who, through his lawyer, rejected his firstborn son.

All this reveals the tension within The family of the legendary actor.

“My sister never informed us about this Between 2019 and 2022 “My father went through five cognitive tests at a clinic in Switzerland and failed none of them,” the eldest of the children, who believes Anouchka is hiding this for “personal gain”, told Paris Match.

The actor reacted through his lawyer, who sent a statement to the local media. He violently attacks his first child.

“He told me that he was extremely surprised by the media war orchestrated by his son Anthony, whose sole purpose was to attack the reputation of his daughter Anouchka. break off a relationship “He was always with Anouchka,” said lawyer Christophe Ayela, who also represents the actor’s daughter.

She added that the translator had assured her that, unlike her daughter, her eldest son had never looked after her and had reassured her of this. “even now he sees very little of her.”

“Once again, he published a book against him and took advantage of his name to create publicity. He continued as follows: ‘Let him leave me and my daughter alone’adds the lawyer.

He stated that the lawyer was tasked with filing a complaint for defamation and reviewing other legal proceedings. Stop the threats against him and his daughter.

“Weak and tired”

This breaks the unity that Delon’s children showed a few months ago when they managed to separate their father from the Japanese woman. Hiromi RolliN., who lives with his translator in his house in Douchy, south of Paris, and is accused of taking advantage of his weakness.

For the eldest son, silencing his father’s medical examinations could have harmed his family. court battle vs. Rollin.

Anthony Delon emphasized that: His father’s health condition is quite poor. As can be seen from the photo that the actor shared on social media after the last Christmas dinner, where he assured his loved ones that this would be the last meal for him.

“He’s not well, he’s weak, he’s tired. “He notices all the tension around him and it upsets him,” said the firstborn, who criticized Anouchka for not spending Christmas Eve with them.

He added that Alain Delon said he wanted to end his days at Douchy: “This wish will be respected“, despite his half-sister wanting to move him to Switzerland, where he lives.

The actor also responded to this through his lawyer: “He cannot stand the aggression of his son Anthony. who constantly tells him he’s senile and assures him that he’s “having his last Christmas.”

Following these statements of the lawyer, Anthony Delon published a message on his Instagram account in which he accused his sister of going to her father’s house. “this afternoon” to get him to sign a “miserable declaration”.

“I know my father signed that leaflet without knowing the consequences. probably without reading “I’m tired of all these conflicts that tire him out,” he says.

By first born childOne of his daughters was at Douchy’s house when Anouchka arrived and, according to her, had spent less than two hours with her father.

“He didn’t even bother to stay with her for at least a day after he caused her.” extra stress. Ironically, he adds, “This shows his humanity, empathy and appreciation for someone who gave him everything.”

The eldest of Delon’s sons also revealed that the prosecution confirmed that medical tests his father underwent showed that: “Their ability to reason has been completely destroyed.” and it was recommended to “initiate a procedure to place the actor under judicial protection”.

According to Antonhy Delon, this result is a “hard blow” to his sister and her lawyer.inheritance rights expertThis shows that he accused him of wanting to benefit from the translator’s inheritance.

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