Chaotic concert but good album

What a great night it was at Razzmatazz on September 8, 2010. Yes, that concert where Andrés Calamaro was shocked that it started half an hour before the announced time, at a time when most of the audience had not yet arrived. Misguided, disorganized, the conversion of a session we now watch with astonishment onto double vinyl and CD (six months after its digital release).

Chaotic concert but good album

Those who attended this concert will remember a strange repertoire filled with covers (Stand up, Stand Up, Walking on the Moon, Imagine, No Woman, Don’t Cry, Bridge Over Troubled Waters and more) and bogged down in long speeches about current events. Just like the bullfighting ban approved by the Catalan Parliament that summer, which angered him greatly. So how did this disastrous concert become a remarkable live album?

There’s a catch: although the album is titled that way, the truth is that only 11 of the 21 songs on this Razzmatazz correspond to the songs Calamaro was playing in the room (and we don’t even know if they were played). all registered there). The back cover note states that 10 others, perhaps a few more, were captured “in other parts of Spain.” The order of the songs does not match the song list of that night.

But happily, there is no trace here of all those versions (the Jumpin’ Jack flash was included in the digital edition, deleted from here) or obtuseness, although the introduction to My Disease preserves the moment when Calamaro contracts an illness from his gardens: ” good Catalan needs to pay attention to the Spanish language,” he says in a certain tone of voice. However, we came across a live session that seemed compatible. Its most moody and chaotic profile is left out, and the image focuses on the band with its charismatic voice, solid songbook, and rock vitality enhanced by the guitar trio (Diego García, Geny Avello, and Julián Kanevsky).

The beauty of the album is that it contains neither a grandiose nor uniquely designed concert, just a few steamy live recordings, a (partial) testament to those nights in 2010. emotional rescues (Because I’m Looking at You), naughty alloys (Walk of life, from Dire Straits, Infiltrated in health, money and love) and in short, a band that is bold and oiled, not sticking to the greatest hits, but moving from rock to middle time on the piano , from there to funk and country touches and growing songs like The Goodbye Look, Ansia in Plaza Francia or El Salmon. And all of this, sensing the ambient popular vibe, singing and noise, are allies of a Calamaro who is always a millimeter away from losing sight of the world, even if the album does not reflect this.

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