The star of the TV series “Midland Vampires” talked about his difficult childhood 11:04

The actor admitted in a meeting with Gleb Kalyuzhny ProzvezdHe said he had a difficult childhood.

Kalyuzhny declared that he was a difficult teenager. Between the ages of 12 and 15, he skipped classes, did not study, and frequently clashed with his mother. She described this period of her life as “incomprehensible.”

“I have done and tried many things in my life that were not worth it. I’m very regretful. But now everything is fine – gradually I came to my senses, I even memorized algebra and now I have become an actor. I hope it’s not bad. And I can only say one thing to my mother: I love you! I’m sorry for everything that happened… And thank you for everything!” – said the artist.

Kalyuzhny made his film debut in 2015 with the movie “14+”. She is best known for the TV series “Vampires of the Central Region”, in which she played one of the main roles. The actor’s filmography includes 36 works. He took part in films such as “Difficult Youth”, “Black Spring”, “Nothing Happens Twice”, “Virdap”, “He Kept the Women”.

In August, it became known that Gleb Kalyuzhny and Yuri Stoyanov reunited in the TV series “Trepachi”. Actors starred in the project “Vampires of the Central Region”.

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Source: Gazeta


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