Sergey Lazarev explained why he is no longer producing: “A thankless task” 09:38

In a conversation with Sergei Lazarev, the singer said: Soundthus he no longer plans to become a producer.

Lazarev called producing a “thankless task”, especially in the age of the Internet and social networks. Before that, the artist worked with Konstantin Cherkas and Svyatoslav Stepanov, participants of the project “I Want to Meladze”, performing in the DVOE duet.

Lazarev admitted that the duet of Cherkas and Stepanov broke up because they wanted to pursue a solo career.

“The guys started the match well. But then they decided to go alone. I realized that I did not want to interfere. If a person wants to improve, you cannot prevent him with a contract,” shared the artist.

On December 1, St. Petersburg Vyborg District Court fine In the video “Very Beautiful”, prepared by Sergei Lazarev for “LGBT propaganda”, the “Quince TV” channel paid half a million rubles (the “LGBT International Social Movement” is recognized as extremist and is banned in the Russian Federation).

According to the Roskomnadzor protocol, at least two girls participated in the filming of the video, which, according to the agency, shows “tactile, sensual interaction of persons broadcasting their homosexual preferences”, whose individual features (hair) with the help of hands, shape of the nail plate, manicure, jewelry) were perceived as belonging to two different people of the same sex “It makes it possible.”

Previously Sergei Lazarev told what to ask Santa Claus for the New Year.

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Source: Gazeta


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