Camilo: “I always want to be with my family, I won’t go on tour if they can’t accompany me”

Camilo is one of the most successful artists in the current music scene. With his distinctive Latin voice, soft lyrics and catchy rhythm, he started a new concept in the urban genre. After welcoming her first daughter, Indigo, she claims to be filled with new emotions that she wants to develop in her music.

What drives you to create? music?

Life is full of stimuli that deserve to be immortalized. Photographing the things that are part of our daily life inspires me to turn it into a song and want to tell the world.

Is it part of a musical genre?

No, I’m in the universe of the song. I know what I’m saying is pretty obvious, but it seems to me that genres are becoming less and less important because when they are mentioned, it is done with the intention of separating things, and I prefer to see how they overlap. I have no intention of labeling myself.

What is the story of your last song ‘Pegao’?

I felt like I was writing the right topic at the wrong time. It was complete and I didn’t want to take it out of my heart because I didn’t feel it was time to do it. It wasn’t until my baby Indigo came along and I realized that the lyrics of that song exactly explained how I felt for him and my wife. I always want to be “stuck” in them, and this celebration, the song is born out of the feeling of seeing Indigo coming.

Do you feel that the job is taking away the time you want to spend with your family?

I don’t feel like theft because I am committed to it for the pure love of what I do. I love the process of creating music and enjoy sharing its fruits, but I am not currently willing to sacrifice one thing for another. I wouldn’t go on a tour I could do with my wife and daughter accompanying me, if I were on a tour full of possibilities. I don’t want to leave the house because it is my and my loved ones’ space.

You’ve shot a few videos inside your home, what prompted you to record there?

I love my home, I feel very comfortable in it. Bought and completely rebuilt when it was almost demolished, a new kind of love was born in this shared home space. It represents my entire family, it’s a dream place to live with them and I’m “tucked in” in my tiny house.

Have you thought about how fame might affect you? family? Do you feel safe showing them on social networks?

I think about it a lot, Indigo has not yet appeared on social networks because we want to respect her peace and privacy. He’ll tell us the day he wants to be there, but for now that’s something he’s not interested in.

His relationship with Evaluna is very open and they have worked together several times.

Yes, it is a great privilege to work with him. He’s my favorite artist and it’s great that he’s my collaborator, the director of my videos, and the time to trust him as a couple.

Did you know from the very beginning that you wanted to be with him and start a family?

Our relationship was progressing step by step. First I knew I wanted to be with him and it didn’t take long for me to know that I wanted to be with him forever and then start a family. Everything was so natural and so easy with him, he is my companion and I love to see his progress.

announced that he will be releasing a song with Alejandro Sanz.

Yes, we met at the WiZink Center during my last ‘tour’. He came to see me with his family and we talked about our desire to work together there. What started with an interview has come true and the song is out on June 16.

What does the subject say?

‘NASA’ is a song born out of paranoia, jealousy, fear of losing someone. It is the immortalization of a human emotion as much as insecurities.

most of it songs has gone viral on social networks, especially TikTok. Do you feel pressure to keep creating music that goes viral?

I think this will be important to my team, to those who work with me and all those involved, but not to me. All the songs I write are successful before they even come out because they represent me, I like them and they make me happy. The fact that it later goes viral or is number one is something I can’t get over anymore because they run out of my creativity and I don’t spend much energy on it.

As such a personal composer, what was it like composing for other musicians?

It is a different exercise. It allows you to visit universes very different from your own because they will be defended and spoken by other people. To create stories that fit each of them, you have to understand them very well. But now I am very happy that I am the only artist singing my songs.

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