Ksenia Borodina told about conversations with Bonya at a social event 16:29

TV presenter Ksenia Borodina on her Instagram account (the owner of the Meta company is known as an extremist in Russia and is banned) at a social event told her fans about what she talked about with Victoria Bonya.

“I explained that running was not in my rules and that I did not want to communicate because he had spoken badly about me on his live broadcasts for many years. Although our paths crossed on sites, I never had any disagreements with him. All! At the same time, I asked him if he was recording our conversation, he said no,” Borodina recalled.

At the same time, the TV presenter noted that Bonya posted a video of their conversation in her story only seven minutes later. Borodina believes that the blogger is trying to exaggerate her conflicts in this way. However, the TV presenter stated that this method of gaining popularity did not suit her.

The other day Ksenia Borodina criticized For a video from the event published in one of the media. He commented on the news the morning after the incident. The blogger said she read comments from haters who were gleefully reacting to a video showing her “flaws” being posted online.

Previously Philip Kirkorov named He described himself as a “python” in response to a question about the gift he was going to buy his daughter.

Source: Gazeta


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