Philip Kirkorov called himself a “python” in response to a question about a gift for his daughter 16:00

Singer Philip Kirkorov jokingly called himself a python in response to a question from journalists at the social premiere of the film “Yolki-10” about a gift to his daughter Alla Victoria.

“[Подарить] python? I am also a python. She is still a girl, and it is difficult for her to understand that this holiday is a gift to her, and the premiere that the creators of the movie “Yolki-10” planned for her birthday. “We thought for a long time about which day to choose for the premiere and decided to choose December 1 to celebrate our beloved daughter’s birthday here,” said Kirkorov.

At the event, the singer also stated that Alla Victoria refused to act in the comedy because she categorically did not want to become an actress. Instead, Nika, the daughter of singer Vladimir Levkin, starred in the movie “Yolki-10”. Kirkorov said the series producers for filming: we had to his house “snowed” and the artists had to “play in the cold” in the summer. The musician also stated that he had not seen such a concentration of Russian stars in the capital’s cinema for a long time.

Kirkorov is raising two children from a surrogate mother. The eldest daughter Alla Victoria was born in 2011. In 2012, the artist’s son was born. The boy’s name was Martin.

Previously Kirkorov saidHow he managed to achieve success on the Russian stage.

Source: Gazeta


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