Dmitry Koldun recalled how he wore Kirkorov’s clothes due to lack of money 30.11.2023, 19:17

Singer Dmitry Koldun admitted in an interview with Yana Churikova that after the “Star Factory” he lived like a “half-homeless person.”

“I had nothing to eat, nothing to rent a house. “As the winner of the Factory and the finalist of Eurovision, I lived like a half-homeless person,” the magician complained.

The musician recalled that he managed to take sixth place at Eurovision under the leadership of producer Viktor Drobysh and singer Philip Kirkorov. However, according to the Wizard, he had to work with other people after this success.

“After the competition I was reminded which man of the year, which pass and who I should work with next. They appointed Alexander Lunev as my producer. “They said that I was no longer working with either Drobysh or Philip,” the artist recalls.

Even after the “Star Factory” the singer experienced financial difficulties. Kirkorov helped the young singer and offered to take his weight by donating his clothes.

“It just poured out in front of me. The musician said you can lift as much weight as you can practically carry.”

Previously Dmitry Koldun acceptedHe said that Drobysh did not receive the money he promised after the “Star Factory”.

Source: Gazeta


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