Lyusya Chebotina talked about the four stages of drunkenness 20:03

Singer Lyusya Chebotina talked about the four stages of drunkenness as part of the “Nothing Sacred” podcast.

“When I get drunk, I go through four stages. First: look at cute animals on Google or Yandex. I look for snowy owls, fawns, and am drawn to cute pictures. Second stage: falling asleep. The third stage is the lost chat box. I find an interesting speaker and everyone at the party loses me,” said Chebotina.

The fourth stage of the star’s drunkenness was “tusser”. The artist also admitted that lately he has been going to bed more and more after parties because he is too tired after work. Chebotina added that it has become calmer in the last few years. He boasted that he had many interesting projects, including the program “You are Super”.

“Dedicated to talented orphans with a difficult fate. Some have already been adopted and many are finding a family by joining the project. “This is an incredible experience for me,” summarized the artist.

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Source: Gazeta


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