Villena presents the legacy of archaeologist Schubart in El Prado

Villena presented Schubart Library located in Villena Museum MUVI inside VII Museum Libraries Conferenceorganized El Prado Museum in Madrid. more than that 21 government agencies and here library technician Ana Valdez and Culture council member María Server presented an example of this space that brings together more than one thing. 5,000 documents of German archaeologistThe result of the transfer made by the University of Alicante in favor of the municipality upon the express request of the researcher.

Donation is a compilation of all these. bibliographic, documentary materials and catalogs accumulated by the professor during his long academic career. Valdez explained the origins of the Schubart Library, its documentation tasks, and the place of the German researcher’s entire legacy in MUVI. Server pointed out that the existence of museum libraries turns these places into entertainment. “information centers”. This edition of the conference was proposed with the common goal of emphasizing the role of museum libraries in the tasks of preserving cultural heritage.

The Undersecretary of Culture underlined the role of museums, saying that museums are “not places where objects are stored, but the main actors of defense, promotion and development work.” Preservation of our cultural heritage, all materials that allow us to know who we are, where we come from, and what challenges we still have to solve in terms of knowledge.”

According to that, ” MUVI library The archaeological research conducted by both the Schubart and UA teams reflects this, as do the unknowns yet unknown to science. This means – he added – MUVI and Schubart Library “It will be the meeting point of researchers, academics and experts in the field.”

adjacent server Library technician Ana Valdés met and chatted with El Prado staff, such as María Luisa Cuenca, head of documentation, library and archives.

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