Buzova responds to rumors that she will reunite with Dava 15:37

Singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova responded to rumors that she would reunite with blogger David (Dava) Manukyan. In this respect reports “7 days” edition.

The stars recently returned from China, where they worked together on a new show for the first time in two years after breaking up. The case not only filmed with Buzova, but also re-subscribed to her social network and actively liked her, which aroused suspicion among the subscribers of the former couple.

“Well, she starred in the video for the song “Liker”. A like is also a like in China. “Soon you will see what happened in China on the screens, I do not want to spoil it,” said Buzova, adding that the meeting with Manukyan was interesting and exciting.

At the same time, Buzova did not enroll in Manukyan.

Buzova and Manukyan talked about their romance in 2019 and then dated for more than a year.

Recently, Buzova’s ex-husband, Russian football champion with Lokomotiv Moscow, Dmitry Tarasov, after an interview with his ex-wife on the YouTube channel of Nadezhda Strelets invited visit him.

Former comedian Garik Kharlamov said about the dream role.

Source: Gazeta


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