Painting replaces ceramics at Guardamar del Segura

Exclusive pieces come together in the new exhibition. eleven different artists He states from the Consortium of Museums that the Valencian Community demands “expressive power from both abstract and figurative approaches, with clear determination and absolute contemporaneity.”

Especially in the exhibition currently open to the public, Alejandro Casanova, Ana Sansano, Carolina Ferrer, Chema López, Concha Ros, DimasLa, Eduardo Infante, Jesús Herrera, Juan Olivares, Mª Dolores Mulà and Perceval Graells. The exhibition is organized and produced by the Consortium of Museums in collaboration with the City Council of Guardamar del Segura, Valencian Capital of Culture.

Works by Eduaro Infante INFORMATION

Museum Consortium Director José Luis Pérez PontGuardamar del Segura with the mayor, José Luis Sáez Priest and Member of the local Cultural Council, Pilar GayIt presented this exhibition yesterday with the aim of showcasing the collection, which was launched in 2017, from different perspectives in other parts of the autonomous region, beyond the three provincial capitals, with works specially selected for these venues.

“While our first exhibition proposal focused on works of art, ceramicOn this occasion, a selection of pictorial works has been brought together once again. diversity of artists, techniques, themes and styles constituting this collection representing enriching expression of contemporary art of the Valencian Community,” underlined Pérez Pont.

Opening of the exhibition in Guardamar INFORMATION

Six years of collection

Collection Contemporary Art of the Generalitat Valenciana, The works in this exhibition belong to Started to be created in 2017 For the purpose of increase and revitalize The art sector of the Valencian Community recognizes artists and outstanding works that provide an overview of current contemporary art and represent a valuable long-term heritage legacy.

Since that time, Generalitat purchased more than a hundred works of your art without generation guidelines or thematic restrictionswith balance between men and womenAddressing the problems of our immediate society and engaging in the process of creating a memory. At the same time, the activity of exhibiting these works was developed throughout the autonomous region.

Especially Guardamar del Segura hosts Three exhibitions between September 2023 and February 2024with works selected according to different criteria and always with the participation of artists from three provinces.

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