“Just like in Soviet times”: Sokurov’s “Fairy Tale” was banned from being shown at the film festival in Moscow. Sokurov announced that his film “Fairy Tale” was banned from being shown at Karo.Art festival 10.13.2023, 21:30

The screening of the film “Fairy Tale” directed by Alexander Sokurov at the Karo.Art festival in Moscow was cancelled. reported event organizers. The film is planned to be shown on Sunday, October 15 at 19.30.

Sokurov himself said, said that he did not know the reasons for this decision and was “trying to find the motivations”. He expressed confidence that “The Tale” would not be granted a distribution certificate and that there would be an unspoken ban on the screening of all his films.

“There are big problems in life, just like in Soviet times when all my works were banned from being shown,” the director wrote on Telegram.

“A historical story without any implications”

INSIDE speech The director confirmed with socialbites.ca that he did not receive any explanation after the cancellation of the screening of “Fairy Tales”.

“You can imagine that no festival can cancel a screening after 1,200 tickets have been sold and the venue is sold out. Of course, this is the instruction of the Ministry of Culture or private institutions. You understand what kind of organs these are.

I don’t know what motivation there could be against showing this movie. “This is actually a fairy tale, a historical tale without any insinuations,” he said.

“If you want, you can create all kinds of provocative fabrications about this movie, you can probably even make a million, just like any work of art,” he said.

Sokurov emphasized that censorship is prohibited in Russia and no one has the right to restrict the Russian audience’s access to works of art.

“Because the movie has already been shown and is being shown all over the world,” he said.

The movie “Tale” takes place during World War II. Stalin, Churchill, Hitler and Mussolini meet in the afterlife and in four languages ​​- Georgian, English, German and Italian – they recall their lives and mourn the power they had and are not ready to part with. There are no actors in the film: Archival footage of politicians is used in non-standard animated scenes. It premiered at the Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland) last August.

Film critic Larisa Malyukova notes that it is extremely difficult to find “any specific problems” in the objects of the bans, they are not formulated out loud.

“Fairytale” is currently marching triumphantly around the world, from Tokyo to Paris, with huge queues forming to watch the film. It’s not really even a movie, it’s more than a movie, it’s a magnificent artistic statement about totalitarianism. “And perhaps this issue is painful for law enforcement agencies and the Ministry of Culture for some reason,” he said. BFM.ru.

According to Malyukova, Sokurov’s film is “aesthetically designed in a very unusual way” and should be seen on the big screen, but it will definitely not be widely released.


On October 13, the Ministry of Culture also recalled There is a distribution certificate for the series “Bezbashennyaya” broadcast on the Kion platform, Kommersant’s sources in the department and a media market report.

The premiere was scheduled for October 1, but it did not take place and the series pass disappeared from the Kion website. Neither the creators of the series nor the online cinema made an official statement on this issue.

“Crazy” is a remake of the famous American movie “Overboard”. Famous actors Ekaterina Varnava, Evgeny Tsyganov, Yuri Chursin starred here. The director of the Russian version is Lana Vladi.

The newspaper’s interlocutors state that films that have not received a distribution certificate can be shown on online platforms, but the failure to provide a certificate is “a kind of warning”. However, Roskomnadzor may request the removal of this or that film or series from the platform.

From the first days of the special operation in Ukraine, Varnava and Tsyganov opposed military intervention. Both published anti-war posts on social networks.

“This will pass”

The song “It Will Pass” by the punk band “Pornofilmy” was banned in Russia. The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office announced record banned sites, two links to the text and chords of the composition. It was also removed from the Yandex Music platform.

The song “This Will Pass” was written during the period of uncoordinated rallies in the summer of 2019.

Previously, the “Pornofilms” song “Kill the Beggars!” It was included in the list of extremist materials of the Ministry of Justice by the decision of the Volgograd Dzerzhinsky District Court. Nothing is known about court decisions regarding other formations of the group.

Alexander Sokurov’s film “Fairy Tale” was removed from the program of the Karo.Art festival. As the director himself said, he was not given any explanation regarding the reasons for the cancellation of the show. He is sure that “Fairy Tale” will definitely not receive a distribution certificate, and all his other films will be banned from being shown on the screen “as in Soviet times.” Details are available on socialbites.ca.

Source: Gazeta


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